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    Married, four grown children, 6 grandchildren and a cat named Joey
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    Knitting, Crochetiing, Tatting, Quilting, Gardening
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    Home maker
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    for over 30 years
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    Doilies, Tablecloths, Afghans,
  1. Nanachar

    Facebook pages

    Here is mine: http://facebook.com/charlenetibbettssharp
  2. Nanachar

    Something pretty doily

    WOW that is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. So glad that you loved your package, Mary. This swap was a blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Nanachar


    Love the colors! You did an awesome job! Where is the pattern source?
  5. Here is my package I received from Mary W.
  6. I received my package from Frplady and love it. I can't figure out how to post a picture. Thank you Mary Whitney for all you sent.
  7. Nanachar

    My first tote!

    Thanks I found it and saved it!
  8. Nanachar

    My first tote!

    Looks very nice! Can you share the pattern source? If she doesn't like it I will take it off her hands. lol.
  9. I just sent in my survey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Nanachar

    Lavender Fields Afghan

    Beautiful afghan!!!!
  11. Nanachar

    wedding afghan

    Really pretty afghan. I know it would take me more than 3 weeks to make this. Love the color too.
  12. Nanachar

    Why didnt anyone warn me about socks??

    Great job on the socks. I love knitting socks and have only done them on dpn's. I may just have to try the 2 circulars at a time to avoid the second sock syndrome. Is there a tutorial out there for this?
  13. Nanachar

    4 more pillow cases

    Very pretty pillowcases! I could use some of those myself!!!! Where did you find your pattern?
  14. Nanachar

    Purple floral doily

    Gorgeous!!!! Love the colors!!!!
  15. Nanachar

    Turtles on the way!

    These are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!