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  1. Nice. What size hook and material did you use?
  2. Thanks I just printed the pattern out yesterday and hope to make them soon. I am always looking for patterns using the crocodile stitch!!
  3. Love the colors. Nice and cheerful. I make chemo caps and it would look good on them.
  4. Cindy after all that stuff it says in small print View document. You don't have to download anything. I looked at it several times before I asw that.
  5. Love him. Got him on my to-do list but pushing him up to the front!!
  6. So cute. Thank you and I will be making it!!
  7. So cute. TY I'll be makng some for the grandkids.
  8. Oh I like this one. Will put it on my list to make for Christmas and one for myself of course! Thank you.
  9. I love this idea. Thank you.
  10. Thank you for the cute pattern. Know what people on my Christmas list are getting!
  11. Love it. Thank you very much. I've made some of your other patterns and think they are easy to follow.
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