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  1. PM me your address and I'll get on it ASAP. I'm actually just heading out to get some yarn now so I'll pick up some in a nice a grey.
  2. Okay, thanks everyone for your opinions! Maybe it just looks odd to me because I usually can't keep a hat on him so I can always see his hair and I can only see a little bit here. I think that may be my issue, because when I first put it on him all his hair was under the hat and I had to pull some out. Lol!
  3. My 10 month old is constantly taking hats off, so I made him a new one that ties under the chin. I think it might need a brim in the front though, any opinions? It just seems to be missing something.
  4. At it again, huh? I love the colors of this one!
  5. I made this for my mom the other day. It took about an hour and buttons on the front and the top loop can be unbuttoned to be put on a purse strap or belt loop or wherever.
  6. I knew I shouldn't show this to my mom but I had to because she's such a huge Steelers fan and because this is so beautifully done. Let's just say I'm probably going to have to make some sort of Steeler's afghan now.. I hope it turns out half as beautifully as yours did!
  7. I'm looking for the pattern pictured below. It's from a free in-store leaflet but I can't seem to find it online. I've check Caron's website but no luck. Does anyone know where I can find this pattern?
  8. My aunt saw one of these a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it so I decided to make one for her birthday which is a week from tomorrow. The only problem is...my aunt is the person who taught me to crochet so I had to enlist her daughter to prevent her from buying this pattern and making her own bag before her birthday.
  9. I think I would lose a best friend if I gave her daughter away. Haha.
  10. Really cute! Please enter me for your drawing. Thanks!
  11. Thanks to both of you! It's Lion Brand Homespun in Coral Reef. Their Homespun yarns come in such beautiful colours, I love them.
  12. Wow, ReniC, you have a lot going on! I have a list about a mile long of things I have planned/things people have asked me to make and it gets longer all the time, but I try not to work on more than 2 or 3 things at once. So much would make my head spin!
  13. The pink one was made around Christmastime for my friend's daughter who is now 15 months old and the white and green is for my cousin whose baby is due in November.
  14. Btw, jillkap, your etsy stuff is adorable!
  15. In Erie, I'm mainly just looking for some like-minded people. My boyfriend will be in his last year of college this year and since we had a baby last November, I'm going up to Erie with him and besides his college friends who are for the most part typical college guys that I really don't have anything in common with, I don't know anyone in Erie. So I'm looking for a group or even just individuals that I can get together with and have something in common with.
  16. Currently, I'm working on an afghan to give to my dad for his birthday in September. The attached picture is what it will look like in the end, except in the yarn colour that I also attached. So what are you working on? Link us your pattern or show us pictures!
  17. My son usually goes to bed between 9 and 10 and I will typically crochet for an hour or so after that before I hit the hay myself. Some days I skip it and just go to bed, other days I get more time to crochet during the day, but it probably averages out to about 5-6 hours I week, I guess. I've never really paid close attention though!
  18. It depends what I'm working on and how complicated the pattern is. I am a fairly slow crocheter though, but I'm pretty knew to this so I don't know if I'll pick up speed or not. I guess we'll see! Plus I only typically get to crochet after my son's bedtime because he loves to tangle himself in my yarn. Haha
  19. I'm actually looking for people in two different areas. I am from the Dubois area and am looking for people or a group from this area but I'm also looking for a group in the Erie area because I will be living there from this August to May 2012. Anyone from either of those areas?
  20. Me too! That's really cute.
  21. http://www.sugarncream.com/pattern.php?PID=4509&cps=21191 This is sized for an adult but if you played with the pattern, I'm sure you could easily change it to fit a child. And it's super cute! I came up with a really simple pattern that I've used to make a couple of friend's daughter's lightwieght hats but I don't have it written down. If I get the ambition to do so, I'll post it here for you!
  22. I really like the purple and blue in your first afghan. So pretty!
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