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  1. Yep just slip stitch into each of the next few stitches and then slip stitch into the ch3 space. Now you ch4 and dc...I guess you're making a v stitch--the first 3 chains act as a dc and the last one as a chain. You don't slip stitch into any of the ch3 stitches....just the space they create.
  2. If charts are done like the Japanese ones then I'm all for it. They include tables with row count info and do wonderful jobs of diagramming the patterns so that you can make sense of it. Just a chart won't cut it. That's why most people are lost with them. I have a few patterns that I can't read a word on the page but with a little study I've figured out what the tables are showing and can make the item. I would love to have stitch counts of every row.......don't even get that on written patterns most of the time.
  3. I found a link to a knit one.....Someone should be able to convert. http://www.kraemeryarns.com/patterns/pdfs/earwarmerbaseball.pdf
  4. I think it's more like you need a passport to get back in to the US. All border security is tight now.
  5. Good thing Edison didn't have coworkers like that. We'd all be sitting in the dark. Sometimes I wonder if people were raised in a barnyard.
  6. Sorry no problem with sentences. It would take way too much paper to do it the other way.
  7. The first set of numbers is the rows....it's different number of rows for different sizes. The second set of numbers is the total stitch count for each row in each size. (does that make sense?) I did make these booties but I must say they could have done a better job of the whole thing. And they are huge even after I dropped a needle size........it's been awhile but I don't think baby feet are that large.
  8. So far I've made three but have another 3 balls of Sugar and Cream to make more. I think I'll try for one a week until I have ten or so. The pattern was found here and all the ladies at the Monday nite Knit and Crochet liked it.
  9. Might as well post now cause I'll be cleaning up the garden today. WTD +9 YTD +99
  10. You might try writing the local state American Red Cross. They know about lots of places that need things here in Dallas and "hooked" my group up. I've made so many baby hats, adult booties and lapghans that I have memorized the various patterns I use. Or pick a big city and write the chamber of commerce. I bet they know who needs help and can give you who to talk to.
  11. Hey if you need any help I live up in Plano and do tons of crocheting for charity. I have some thread I could donate and a ton of dishcloths already made. I like keeping my charity work in the local area so I'm always on the look out for a new place to help. Helping children and schools are just the thing. Let me know!
  12. Guess I should post my score just in case I forget tomorrow. Two baby blankets and two sets of slippers get me 20 points.
  13. I'm in.........lots and lots and lots of stash but I've found two groups to do charity projects for so hopefully all that stash will disappear this year and I can get new stuff.
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