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    I love to test patterns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Reading,writing,learning to knit..
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    Stuffed animals, dolls and shawls.
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  1. This sounds great, but when do we have to have our story, pattern, etc, etc, submitted?
  2. BEAUTIFUL!! I wish I had time to test but I'm so far behind on everything else, I feel like I'm running backwards.
  3. Thank you everyone! So many great suggestions I may just have to knit one of each in the new year (be good practice, right?)
  4. Thanks for the suggestion Linda! And thank you for the links Carla! (I have a friend on Ravelry who is always saying if you need help use Knitting help but she never sent a link and google popped up with to many sites)
  5. LOVE this!!! I've been looking for a crocheted owl like this for a friend but because I don't knit very well I haven't had much luck, is this pattern going to be available for sale?
  6. Thank you both very much!!! All of these look so good I may have to do all of them but the slippers and hat would be wonderful for the weather around here (and my friend is grumbling because I haven't finished a pair of crocheted slippers I promised him but the pattern is wonky, or my reading of it is so maybe knitted ones would be better)
  7. I need an easy pattern to work WHILE I learn because I hate to not make anything and just knitting squares is no fun (I don't like making scarves either because I get bored to easily) any ideas?
  8. Wow! Thanks for sharing, I'm currently learning to tat with a shuttle but when I have time I will have to give this a try ♥
  9. http://www.colourmart.com/eng I am wondering if anyone has ordered anything from this company? If so was the yarn and service good? Thanks in advance!!
  10. I make dresses that lace up the back like a corset but these are for older girls.
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