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    I'm married and I like cats (quote from my sister when I asked what to write on this section of my profile). Its just that I really don’t know what to say about myself. I’m just your normal loving wife, super mom, pharmacist, horrible housekeeper, the best aunt ever, cat tamer, turtle wrangler, and frog breeder.
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    Kansas City MO
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    crocheting, chasing the kids, reading
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    Quick projects are my favorite. I like something I can get done in an hour or so. I also love making things for my kids and friends. When I was younger I was really into making dolls/doll cloths.
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    My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was 4 so it has been a while.
  1. Hi everyone I am so glad I stumbled into this site today. I have never seen so many cool things all in one place. I am excited to be able to share and interact with so many people who love to crochet like I do. I have been crocheting since I was 4 when my grandma showed me to how make a granny square on one of our RV vacations. I used to make tons of things (dolls, Barbie items, thread table cloths, etc) and even won some county fair awards but when I started college I just stopped. So when I found out almost everyone I knew was having a kid (or two) this year I decided to pick up my hook and start making booties. Money is tight and I can make everyone something great with just a little yarn and some time. Right now I am rusty at reading patterns but I think it will come back to me as I move into making new things. I have found my patience is not what it once was so I like quick, fast working patterns now instead of the complex ones I liked as a kid. Well I will shut up now (I tend to ramble) because it is time for bed. Good night all and God bless!!!
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