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  1. I'm hosting my first-ever swap over at Swap-bot. It's for handmade dishclothes, washcloths and scrubbies. Check out the details on my blog, it's open to crocheters, knitters, weavers and sewers alike, but must be handmade! Come join the fun!
  2. Ha ha Redheart! I know what you mean! So many people think I should sell them, and I keep thinking, there's no way I'd recoup my time back on these things! I wanted to make them as gifts, though, so I'm going to keep plugging away at it. I had another idea though, what about using one of those i-cord machines and somehow weave or crochet them together to make the bags? Would be much faster and maybe sturdier, but perhaps too bulky.
  3. I have several crocheted bags from Natalie085's pattern that I've made, a few from recycled cotton sweaters, one really cute one from kitchen cotton. They work great...when I remember to use them. I've gotten better. I do like using canvas bags as well and now have rounded up all canvas bags and leave them in the car with the mesh bags. After unbagging, I stick them on the doorknob so that I remember that they're there on the way out. I'm much better now than I used to be with using the market bags. The thing that really gets me, tho, are the produce bags. I hate those plastic bags, they're a PIA to open and just accumulate. They're too small to reuse in garbage cans and I just don't know what to do with them. I'm not sure if they're recyclable or not and sometimes, if they've had something wet in them, they're a bit icky, as well. I think I'm going to try to make some small, drawstring mesh bags for my produce. I like the plastic mesh ones that onions come in, but I think that yarn will be more practical for cleaning purposes and expandabililty. I'll let you know what I come up with!
  4. I think you'd be okay in simply soft, I personally used a J hook. It's my favorite size and I use it on most of my stuff. If you want, you could double the simply soft, but I think that'd make the blanket a bit stiff. The edging adds probably a good 3 inches to the blanket, but mine did not end up square by any stretch, it's a little longer than it is wide, which I think is fine, personally.
  5. the edging helps out ALOT! Mine had an hourglass shape and was straightened out significantly by the edging. You can see mine in this thread, I don't show it laid out, but believe me, it was a little rough going there for a while.
  6. I did that so many times with mine! It was so frustrating, I think I frogged it back the equivalent of two blankets. I also had massive tension issues, around the middle of the blanket, it significantly shrank in size. I was already a little more than halfway done. Luckily, for that kind of mistake, the edging straightens things out quite a bit. but I really like the color you used! It looks great otherwise!
  7. I just saw this book on Amazon! I really want to see the crocheted pieces. I like her knitted pieces, but being an extremely newbie knitter, I'd be much more comfortable crocheting something. If anyone buys this, please review!
  8. Actually, it's made with acrylic, but I'm about to do one in cotton. I'll post it when finished. Just Bernat cottontwist, nothing fancy.
  9. Thank you! The ribbon is just tied in, but I did think about sewing it into the blanket. I put in the instructions a warning about the ribbon and ties on the hat and I left the ribbon on the blanket loose so that the parents could have the discretion of removing the ribbon or not. That's the dratted thing about baby things. Sometimes, they are so very cute, but one must be careful of the hazards around little babies!
  10. Thanks Carol! Right now, most of my crocheting is done with patterns because I don't know how to design for crochet, but my little brain is always thinking, thinking of different ways to do projects!
  11. Thanks again guys! I really loved the ribbon too, I think I'm going to incorporate in the card and use and care instructions I'm sending. I had originally planned a really pretty dark brown grosgrain ribbon with cream stitching on the sides, but alas, it was too wide! I used the calculations from the pattern to estimate how much Satin to purchase. I used 4 skeins and had enough leftover from the blanket to make a size small hat. I think I could probably get another hat out of what's left. I'm looking for some booties to send, but I generally don't like most crocheted bootie patterns. There's one that I do like by Heidilyn, but it's very girly looking and since we don't know the gender, I'm not going to make them. Plus, I don't have the pattern, but if anyone knows where I can purchase, I'd appreciate the direction! Thanks!
  12. Aww, shucks! Thanks guys! I'm really quite pleased with how it turned out! I used Bernat Satin for the blanket and hat and TLC baby for the trim on the hat. I really, really, want to start using the nicer (more expensive!) yarns, but for this, I wanted the ease of use for the parents. Take the ribbon out and chuck 'em in the wash, no problem!
  13. So hubby's coworker is expecting their first and I set out to make a blanket and hat set for them. I think they turned out really cute! I used Alicia's tiramisu baby blanket pattern, released today for FREE! and Fable Handmade Good's baby buttercup pattern. They turned out really well and were both very easy to follow and complete patterns. I really loved making them both. They are not finding out what the gender of the baby is, so I used a neutral green. More details can be found here and here at my blog.
  14. Oh, I love that Magnolia square! I did mine in my scarflette in Bernat Softee Chunkee and I've done it before with Wool-Ease. I think the bernat will wash up better, but the wool-ease was kinda nice because it was a bit fuzzy.
  15. Hey guys! Thought since it was spring, I'd kick up this thread. I finally finished another Sweet Magnolia Scarflette. I've already made two and given as gifts. I love this pattern! Anybody else make anything flowery for spring?
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