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  1. I am taking the class too, it should be fun. She's teaching how to do a wide project on a short hook. How big are the cable hooks at that warehouse?
  2. Dilyca, I look forward to seeing pictures. Krazy kitty I will be waiting for you! Nothing more done. Was pretty busy last night, got called in twice. I am working on squares for the square along on the sky cal too. Christy I hope your feeling better soon.
  3. Krystal I am all done crocheting on the vest, the rows anyways. I am at row 123 and I have two rows to crochet on the other peices, I decided to do it a bit shorter than the pattern calls for, but it's still long. I forgot I had two rows to go,one on each piece other than the one I just finished, so I will do those rows.
  4. Tailspin, I got all the letters done for the bottom now it's a bunch of rows of plain blue. That should be easy. I need to watch my tension on the joining of colors I am pulling to tight. Bunch of end weaving to do. Endweaving sounds almost magical for what it actually is. Like a mystical thing. Well, you have to get in a mystical state to get them done, and get on a roll. You know what I am jabbering about? I took my sleeping pills a couple of hours so I blame it on those. Nighty night and all of you have fun with your hooks! Christy quit getting sick, ya goober! It must be working with all those kids then all those grandkids. I hope you feel better soon and heres some (((((hugs)))) and XXXXXXXXX XOXO best friend.
  5. :cheerYou can do it Kendal! for you Amy! We are working our buts off here. When we get our roll call we'll be way caught up and past won't we? I didn't get any further on my vest however, no measuring yet and no putting together. I am glad you guys liked the casserole, did you use the spagetti sauce? Oh, oops thats to kendell. I worked on squares for thr square along, I have one almost done, one more row and I can nock it off my list. I have one already done for Econonerd. Now one for the next one.
  6. Yup went to bed at ten thirty and slept good all night. Thanks to too much sugar, I think I was in a coma. But by am I was wide awake. I laid back down for a bit too.
  7. I like that Kath, you did a good job. No further work done so far. I had to run to work for a bit then a little nappie poo turned into a big nappy poo. So here I am dreading the ends looking me in the face. I have like three letters, maybe four weaved on one side only. It will get done. Weaving in ends you have to get in the groove to do.
  8. Yes, I think that was the case, that they loved the blanket so much that they brought it everywhere with them, I am sure he still loves it, I am so sorry this has upset you I would be upset too. I bet he isn't happy he has a hole in his afghan either. Hugs to you.
  9. Thanks Kendel, hubby says it takes twelve hours, I will be waiting for you. I pmd you but you know that already. When evryone else is up so I won't disturb anyone I will work on my vest for awhile. I have to think of what I am doing next.
  10. That would be easier for me. I have been doing the letters to tight of tension and it threw the whole blanket off but I am not starting over, this will just be my learners afghan and brother in law will have to love it. I am weaving ends in now, will probably be doing that for a good while, it looks like some wild idea of fringe.
  11. It was my pleasure, sweetie. I had fun doing it. I hope it comforts her.
  12. I am breaking my own rules, and crocheting on the afghan today instead of charity stuff, can't crochet on baby stuff today, so Afghan it was. Down to last row of letters, I had to take a break. I could hightlight the origonal pattern, won't hurt the pattern you can see through highlight. Might make it wrinkle I suppose. I will try it later when I find a highlighter. I am only doing this pattern once that I know of anyways. Sorry to hear that judy, I am sure she was a wonderful lady. Cancer is so sad, my mom died of breast cancer. Speaking of which, I need to get my mamogram done soon. My grandfather had colon cancer but melenoma was what took his life. It seems to lead to other cancers. Cancer that is. It was a beautiful thing you did for her.
  13. Well You'vegot it in the cal section so that's a start, then you say hey who wants to do this with me, then keep track of the thread and encourage evryone on their efforts. You can build insentives like prizes or put rules in or what ever you want. The goal is to work on a simulare project together with like minded people. Please excuse my bad spelling. I hope you get alot of interest, I would like to try this with the cable crochet hook, but I am busy with another new project. You could include links to directions on the web for this technique if you like. Check out the sticky on CAL's. What's the difference between tusanian, crochet on the double and crochetknit? I have two double ended crochet hooks and have used one once, and made a peiced together baby blanket with strips. I don't know what it was called that I did, I put all the stitches on the hook then crocheted them off but I can't remember how I did it.
  14. http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/80876AD.html?noImages=0 Check out this scarf! It looks like a perfect summer wrap for those cool evenings. Or spring. It says it's a scarf but look how wide it is!
  15. Thanks for the advise. I think I might not have been taught enough, because I am not normally carrying colors, at least there I didn't. I did when there was only one stitch and I wish I hadn't. I worked on it this evening some more, I have three rows of letters left. I know I said I had only four left before but I was off. I am so sorry for your friend. I didn't want to say anything but I seen the ribbons in the corners. I am really sorry you lost a friend like that. Those were ribbons in the corner weren't they? I am doing a breast cancer ribbon afghan later on after this and my grand daughters one. I am not tired but it is still time for bed so I guess I will try. Goodnight everyone. Have fun hooking in your dreams.
  16. fork:spoon: Dig in Amy! It was good, if I do say so myself. Gave me the green pepper burps though. Congrats on getting so far on your nine patches. Krystal I might be done with my vest:cheer I have to measure it tomarro. I reduced the length, I will see if it is as long as I want tomarro. Late tomarro. I have to look up the directions and sew it together and do the finishing, but crocheting the peices I think I am done.
  17. Judy those are beuatiful. I like the one with your name on it. Is it brown and pink? Hi Christy! Are you going to call me again? I will try to talk to you. Everyone is doing a good job, keep it up, we are getting there by inches. Twenty five rows is alot of rows. I should have measured out mine to see how many rows more I needed but I will add on after it's done with a border of some sort. I figured rows of stripes with each color should be nice. I wish I could give advise on letters because then mine would look better. I don't know what happened but at least one of my O's has blue showing through and I did a seperate bobbin so it shouldn't. Maybe I should have done two rows of white for the bottom. Or done it in half double crochet. My post it's got skweejawed, so I was working on the wrong row for awhile till I got to a letter that it made a difference on then I caught it, thank goodness it worked out ok. It was where I changed pages on the graph. You really got to watch closely and look at the forest instead of just the trees, I guess that's my big nugget of advise. Might have to break down and get a magnet board after all, but I am a cheapy and they cost about ten dollars here, then I have to get the magnets. But since I am making three maybe the investment would be worthwhile. It's hard to get it all lined up just right. Well, I worked on it a bit while supper cooked but I need to work on another project for another cal now.
  18. Got the green pepper caserole in the oven right now and I am bringing one to pot luck tomaro so wish me luck with it. The rice didn't turn out so well from the crock pot, I guess I won't do that again, but I made the casseroles and it is smelling really good. I will work on the vest, Krystal, after I eat. My tummy comes first!
  19. I think it has to stay in the pattern it is in the small squares sections right? You talking the big squares right? I would say if you could make a square with simular nine patches that might be cool but what you have there looks nice the way it is. No crocheting last night I didn't sleep the night before so I took a sleeping pill around five oclock and called it a night until like five thirty this morning. I was driving around with hubby before this and I couldn't stay awake, but couldn't promise to be that way all night. Will do better today Promise but it mean I have to double up.
  20. Tailspin that looks wonderful. It will make a wonderful afghan. Is Pixy ( I can't remember what she said her name was) going to join us? If you do a simple graph with few color changes that should work. I would stay away from a lot of letters, but pictures that are simple could work. Just saying this from limited experience here. Once you get going it's enjoyable seeing the picture come out. I haven't done any more work because I slept most of the day yesterday, only awake to do important stuff, like get sleeping pills so I could sleep at night instead of during the day, My schedule is so messed up. I will work on it more today if I get a chance. Dianne those are pretty and very encouragoing to me. Thank you.
  21. Grey dragon, that is sweet of you I am glad it went over so well. I love RR I can do them in the dark almost. Well I worked on my grandsons in the dark car once or twice waiting for my daughter to get done at work. They tend to get wearisome once they get big though. You did your's fast. I am a working mom, so it takes me much longer than a few weeks to do one. I would say a month if it's not the only thing you are doing. Kendell It looks great so far. I am still holding out on the idea of making another one.
  22. Amy! Only a hundred more to go to catch up! Good job Kendel on getting all your squares done. Wendy I am curious as to how a pattern generator works and what it works on, never heard of such a thing. I din't get my stuffed cabbage or peppers. I bought the peppers, and I am giving it a week before I spring the cabbage on them, their not big cabbage or rice eaters. I cooked the rice. Then my husband decided we needed to go to a meeting the night I finally decide to make a dinner. So no time, then we couldn't find the meeting! Then tonight I got to work a second shift- surprise to me! I was sitting at one of the homes and the morning staff said it looks like you might be doing the next shift. It was five minutes after second was to be there. One phone call gave me the news she was at the ER. This was to be her first day back after a short medical leave. So low and behold I got stuck, after talking first into staying a bit longer. So no dinner and no crocheting. Pout. They liked me better this time I got stuck at least I slept the night before so I was in a better mood. no roll call today? Maybe I can sneak by. I want to join back up on the square along, I will look to see how much I need to do to catch up. Please and I am sorry I am so wishy washy.
  23. Tailspin youre more than welcome to join, glad to have you. Newbie question, ha, you don't want mine, which is RUN THE OTHER WAY! No truly if you want to join us we would love to have you. Go look at the clinic section here on crochetville under the sticky about graph ghans, you will get alot of help there. And I beleive we have some people here who have done a few so they will be able to help. Good going everyone on working on your projects for those who are new, we can do this! I only got up from the table once last night and said I was quiting. Too many tangles. I patiently Untangled the bobbins which all came loose one by one and started the next row. Turning the afghan is traumatic for me and the afghan. I have a box to put them all in if I decided to go that way like the laundry basket idea. But I am afraid to. I will have to do some embroidery on some of the letters, the s at least, but otherwise they look good. I picked some stitches up along the way some how and had to crochet some together to get the count right. We will see how this goes. I only have maybe four more rows on the letters. I guess when the letters are done I will weave the ends in. Nice afghan Judy, glad to have you as a lurker, can I talk you inot doing one?
  24. Sissie I sent to squares of redheart mexicana your way. I would have sent you a pink camouflage one but my husband nabbed up the yarn before I could get it and now it's part of his own afghan. Hey maybe I can talk him into making one! An afghan that is. It would be simple double crochet but he's fast and has the time unlike me.
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