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  1. I bought yarn for the pink baby one with princess on it and my grand baby's name and I can't find the pattern! I will have to look for it, there was another pattern there too, It will also use pink yarn so I better get used to the color! I have let the yarn bobbins and skeins mingle for awhile in the box, instead of keeping them rolled up close to the project so my hubby helped me unmingle them. Didn't take long, not too many bobbins at this time. Thought I would be a little more relaxed about it and it wasn't the end of the world so.... not so uptight now. I need a bigger box.
  2. You are more than welcome to join michelle. I am glad to have you. I am sure that any advise you get from judy and Joann and the others will be great advise. If you are new to this, there is a sticky under the clinic section that gives more advise on how to do it best. I took a picture of my afghan so far, I have done like eight to six rows on it or more over the last few days. I am not sure I like how the black and white part look. I will put it up here as soon as I figure out how.
  3. Grannieannie, I had to have the bigger incision for my hyterectomy because of my size and shape, so I know that's not the way you want to go, so I hope she's not right for your sake. I hope you heal quickly. I started making scarves for the twelve scarf thread and found I don't like scarfs so much. So I have two I would like to send your way. One is pink with hearts and the other is white with blue fringe.
  4. You'll have to show us a picture. I am going to try to work on the graph while I watch heros on the computer.
  5. Judy I am glad youve started on your old one. Tailspin, I am looking forward to learning how to use it, I guess the charges are kind of high for sending pictures so I better find my camera. I have to work this weekend so not much crocheting getting done or anything else for that matter. The afghan isn't very portable.
  6. Diane join us when you can, Yes I would love to see pictures. I get a picture phone soon, then I can take and send pictures once my daughter shows me how. Not much to see right now. Keep Christie G in your thoughts she had some bad news recently.
  7. Please keep christie g in your thoughts and prayers. She is going through a hard time right now.
  8. I saw the afghans joanne did awhile back, she has alot of hockey ones that look dificult and alot of baby stuff. I enjoyed looking at them Joanne you do great work. She was the expert I was asking advise from before I started. Christie you better get hopping! Yes I quit last year silly. I wasn't smoking the last time I saw you was I? I am glad I did. Thank you. I did a few maybe three rows on the afghan and I am into the next set of graph work. Alot of blue then a little black and white. It's going smoothly for now. I put it all in a box and set it by me and did it in my easy chair, instead of the table. It worked out pretty good.
  9. Good going amy! You can do it! Would have finished my vest last night but the computer went caflooee and I need the pattern.
  10. No this is the right thread for that isn't it? I am hiding out from Krystal not doing such a good job huh?
  11. Good luck with that judy,lol. I hope you are able to get more than one done at a time, I can only figure on one at a time and it takes a steady spot for my afghan to be during the graph spots, so I hope youre's are more portable. Tailspin I hope you feel better soon, I have thank fully been able to avoid getting colds, knock on wood. I usually get bad colds that go to bronchititis every winter, especially when I was smoking. I didn't do that long though. I am glad I don't smoke anymore the coughing was bad. I hope everyone enjoys working on their afghans and what nots, I have my grandson here and it's my bed time so no graph ghan for me tonight, easier crocheting for me tonight.
  12. Christie it looks great! I hope you finish it, the granchild will only be that size a short time remind yourself that. Hope your grand daughter has a good birthday. It's nice when our work is apreciated. Judy that sounds good, you have a project! Looking forward to pictures guys I will post some soon.
  13. Looking forward to pictures christie. I am now doing the single crochet rows on the afghan before the next picture part. It's growing in size again!
  14. Almost done with the weaving in, just a few more letters and the question mark. I need to look up a tutorial on keeping the edges straight on the afghan in single crochet.
  15. It was someone else I responded too, sorry. I looked at your picture and the stitchs look good. Sorry about the edges, for you. I think I do that sometimes. the edges on my single crochet afghan look jagged.
  16. Boy, you guys are quiet. I have not done anything further because I worked second today and yesterday and only brought the project I didn't need the computer for. Got another square done but haven't mailed any out for the SAL for the sky cal. Now only one to do until tomarro of course! :-) I got mailers today for them all. Need-more-yarn!
  17. Nice work Dianne! And you too judy. Lindseyfaye, look at the clinic area on crochetville here, there is a sticky on graph afghans. Glad to have you! I finished one side of the afghan weaving ends, and got a good start on the back. Boy I need to look at your hints again Judy, I sure got some jagged letters and white spots that shouldn't be there, I don't think that I am changing colors wrong, I will look at it again.I am not frogging, I will just have to embroider in the spots I need to. Some letters look good, it's quite a few that look wonky. Judy have you ever done one with half double crochet? I might try that next time.
  18. Thanks for the link. And the tutorial on spelling.I think I might get one of those ones at Joann's site. I seen them on the other thread, And they are pretty long on the cable part. I have to look at the thread on the class again to see what hook to get.
  19. I am embroidering over the gaps. The color changes are looking like mine, I am cahnging at the last part of the stitch, but there are jags. And I haven't been hiding my yarn behind the other stitches because it's too much of a contrast. I am sorry you had to frog. Judy nice work. I did only one letter I think, I had to work.
  20. I got like seven or eight letters weaved in now. Little by little, getting it done. Had to do some squares today too. But I managed a little weaving time. I am determined to weave before crocheting any more as hard as it is to resist.
  21. Welcome from Michigan too. What region of michigan? Talk about poor, I feel ya. I was off work for a good six months. It was a difficult time but I kept crocheting! It can be a cheap hobby if your'e not into the expensive yarns. Have fun come visit us at the CAL's.
  22. Vanna's glamor is baby weight, sport weight yarn with a shimmer. I am sure I can make it with some sport weight yarn but look at all those picots. It is a pretty scarf though.
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