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  1. I was a smoker for a short while, even short term, I was adicted. I smoked for about a year then quit with no problem at 27. Then about fourty three I started smoking again. My father had died, probably due to smoking, we are not sure. It was a traumatic time for me. I quit with medicine then started again at the aniversery of his death, Again, I took medicine to quit, this time chantix. So now I am cigerette free. But before I quit, I lost my voice due to allergies to the smoke. Even though I was allergic I still smoked. Good luck everyone on quiting.
  2. Looks great Kristy! By the way, I got to see Christies afghan up close yesterday and it's a beaut! It's really big too! Thank You Joann. I am looking forward to seeing Elvis. I just got a book by Pricilla Presley about her life with the King. I once read three books in a month that just happened to have Elvis in them in one way or another. Didn't know it when I began to read them! We walked the pier yesterday with Christie and her husband and daughter, it was quite a walk. We also went walking through two flea markets, had alot of fun, but I was pretty sore!
  3. Love the bag. It's very colorful and I think it's a neat idea to do it in Micky colors for your trip, Ratdog. Still plugging away at the afghan. If we go to Tennessee on the fourth, I can get alot of crocheting done in the car.
  4. Great work Diane. It looks great from here. I have puckers too by my letters, I was pulling to tight on the stitches. Been to busy to crochet lately. Too busy to be here too. I am exited to see Christie soon, We will crochet together! Hopefully. I am looking forward to when she comes. We might be going to Tennessee, my father in law passed away. I need to find some one to watch my son, then I can go. I am making my calls. The memorial service isn't until fourth of july, so I have a little time yet. I can crochet in the car on the way if we go in the car, I will have to bring a few projects. I think I will work on my graph when Christie comes. The other afghanis almost done.
  5. Congrat about the baby. I hope she gets better soon and see's better health in the future.
  6. No it's not good. I am bummed. They posted my position today, and I will probably be showing the new PC the ropes.
  7. I finished another two skiens on the afghan and now I am on my last two skeins that are two extra skiens than the pattern called for but it's not long enough. Stiil thinking of telling her to turn it sideways,lol. I think I am done after these two skeins. It covers me from head to my neck but it's short on the bed.
  8. I have not worked on mine in awhile, but I am getting kind of interested in starting it again. I have two more skiens of yarn to go on the ripple I have been concentrating on, then I can start the afghan again. Everyones work looks great. I tried to take my crocheting to do a third but I kept nodding off and made a few mistakes. I told the bosses I couldn't do thirds anymore, I can't stay awake, we will see what they do. I would hate to lose my job over it. But on seconds and thirds there is alot of down time, so I can crochet or read. I got a new position at work, in different homes and it's a demotion so less hours and less pay. I am still in the inbetween, doing both jobs so the pay hasn't been cut yet, I don't think.
  9. Suzy love the bag. Great work, Nickie. I plan on taking my afghan to work tonight, third shift has alot of down time in it. First time working third shift awake shift in a long time, I was very sleepy and reading wasn't cutting it. I could not stay awake because I thought it was next week I started thirds and I took my sleeping pills. OOps! Crochet will keep me awake I hope. Then I can finish my afghan. Thank God the weekend is second shifts. Have fun crocheting everyone!
  10. I am happy everyone is working hard, looks real good. Christy, I hope you are doing well. Pm me. Everyone have fun and stay out of trouble! (unlike me,lol.)
  11. I finished the two skeins of yarn on the wedding ripple on the way to the zoo for work, nice life huh? Get to get paid for going to the zoo! I did have to push a large wheelchair around though, so I got my moneys worth. It is about square now. It's so wide I thought about finishing it off and telling the bride to turn it on it's side and that's the way it goes, I am tired of it. Pretty red afghan, Jessica!
  12. I made the pattern myself. I couldn't find one. Just the lion part. The rest was a purchased pattern. I told my brotherinlaw it was a losing team, lol, he says he still likes them. I finished two more skeins on my wedding afghan when I am done with four more I can start on the football afghan again.
  13. I am glad you joined us , we like new faces. Is everyone doing well on their afghans? Love the flag afghan that is a big sucker. I am glad that one isn't mine. Your husband will love it.
  14. I have ends on both sides, judy, I don't know how to end it only in the back. I really should go weave in ends, it's been since the letters since I have woven in ends. I am sorry that we messed up the rules about copyright AMy, and I am sorry to those whoes posts got deleted. I know I can't share my pattern, but I can post a picture of the finished afghan.
  15. Lea, I had a laugh at that last post, why indeed do we do this to ourselves? I have a bit longer, untill july, but motivation to do it is lagging. After powering through the last two skeins, it's taken me forever to get these skeins gone. I need another hour long road trip and a trip to the restaurant, that's how I got those skeins done, alot of visiting with my hook and yarn with me. Or a movie that I can crochet to.
  16. She's cute. So is the afghan. It will be a nice lap blanket. I am still plugging away at mine, I beleieve I am close to the middle. Still trying to get a picture before my daughter leaves tomarro with the computer.
  17. Nikki, what color are you doing the wedding ripple in? It looks like white and green but I am not sure. I have done almost another 4 skeins of yarn now I just got the new skeins last night, so I did alot of work on it between today and yesterday. It is looking good, I will try to get a picture. Haven't worked on the other projects yet, trying to get this done first. I am ready to do another one in the yarn it called for but I don't know what color and who to make it for.
  18. Happy graphing to the new people, come on you know you can do it! Tailspin, keep working on it, it will work out ok. Dianne, yours looks great.
  19. Stacy and judy looking good! Glad your done Judy? It looks great.
  20. Tilly, try to use clothes pins, they work real well. You can clip the yarn with them and hold it close to your work. I am using clothes pins and just using skeins of yarn for other parts, which I shouldn't. I have lots of tangles, I have to unravel the tangles before I go on anymore. It's ok though, I got alot done before it got to tangled. It's the skiens of yarn, not the bobbins, that are the culprit, so try the clothespins for bobbins. Good luck! I am making a football afghan.
  21. Beautiful you two! I love your work. I have done 11 rows on the afghan so far. I will try to post a picture. I have used the first two skeins of yarn, which is almost 11 rows worth. Wedensday I get more yarn! I am trying to get five rows a day done but I am not doing well today on that.
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