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  1. The choker goes to another pattern amy, I love her patterns, I have done two of them so far.
  2. I did a sweet november scarf/shawl but I did the pattern wrong in hard to frog yarn, so it was a very long shawl and very pointy. Problem of thinking I knew the pattern maker had made an error when they didn't. So to save it I turned it sideways and know it's an asymetrical scarf, so there. Plan on making the correct version soon,lol. Remember the movie? She wore a shawl several times as a scarf, there was alot of crochet in the movie, but she knitted in the movie. I mean there were alot of crocheted items she wore. I made a cloche to go with it from the lion brand site from the pattern cloche and cape.
  3. Any one out there that has a link to the hat that works and to the webs to put on the hands, I would love to make this for my grandson. I made him the spidey round ripple last year I believe.
  4. I might make a one skien lap blanket from the red heart site. I have so much going and a gazillion books to read. I will take a look at it. Liked the idea of it only taking one skien.
  5. Has anyone found the home town in the store? I couldn't find it at hobby lobby.
  6. I just heard of a new lion brand yarn called home town. It's a super bulky yarn. It was listed at like 3 something a skein, I think I will go look for some tomarro for my next scarf. Still plugging away at the homespun scarf in berry. I hope my sister likes it, it's pretty wide.
  7. I found my other two afghan instructions that have been lost for a long time, so I may start another. The other one I haven't finished yet.
  8. Still working on my homespun scarf. It's 1/3 done.
  9. I am making a knit scarf with Lion brand yarn. Can't remember the neame of the yarn , home something.
  10. Love the green baby blanket. It is very cute, the hat too. I also liked the pink scarf, turned out real nice. Oh, I am teaching someone at work to crochet, one of the clients.She knew how at one time but she has memory problems. She brought all her yarn out to show me and she had all her crochet hooks cast on as if she was going to knit, so i took them apart and started her on a double crochet scarf. Hope she sticks with it.
  11. Christie that clown is so cute! I can't wait to see the doll your making, the goth looking one. There are actually alot of goth dolls out there that someone made. I got more yarn for my scarf. The skiens were only 4.00 each but with shipping ect. it ended up being thirteenand some change. It's one third of the way done. Thats the knit scarf from friday night knitting club book. It was a good book. The crochet one I haven't woked on in a while. I found the afghan I was making for my daughter but not the yarn. So no further on that.Lokks like yarn shopping time! Needed more anyways.
  12. Good luck Joann. I hope it wins I hope you find a pattern Christie. Just google graph afghan patterns, you'll get sites.
  13. In August I will: finish two scarfs I am working on right now, one knit and one tunision ( did i spell that right?) and then make a purple one for my sister. I am still working on a scarf from the classes I started along time ago. I have to start on my graph afghan too and i will work on the green afgan that is made from boucle rainbow sensations. I need to find that one. It is for my daughter. So that is enough on my plate for now. Good luck on finishing your stuff everyone. I can work on mine at work, except for the graph afghan, during down time.
  14. Come on lets get going on our graphs everyone! I would like to see a picture of the picture ones.
  15. Beautiful work girls, looks great. The car afgan looks great and so does the als or is asl afghan.
  16. Yea! I came on today and read this, that they recieved the blankets. I hope they liked them. I hope your Baby gets well, Donna Lynn. Thank you for doing this. I feel a little famous now.
  17. Cute hats guys. Yes the afghan was never ending. I wish I had done two more skiens but I got it done in time and hopefully she liked it.
  18. Caroline, it looks great. Dianne, one of the guys I take care of has parkinsons. He's in a wheelchair now. I hope your Dad feels better soon.
  19. I finished the afghan I was making, the never ending wedding ripple and gave it to the recipient yesterday, but she hasn't opened it yet. It was two feet short of covering my king size bed so I hope it works for her. I am doing an afghan of green sensations boucle yarn for my daughter now, Scarf for my sisterin law, and the afghan for my graph afghan thread. I need to do a scarf for sister and an afghan for my grand daughter too. My goals may be too much for summer time. Afgans get hot to do., Oh the recipient for the afghan that i just did got another afghan for a wedding gift that she opened before she left for her honeymoon, soI guess I wasn't very imaginative, but mine is prettier, lol.
  20. Dianne how is your dad doing now? I hope better. We went to Tennessee for my father in laws memorial service and we are going to have one here also. I have till Sunday to get my other afghan done then back to the graph afgan. I have the weekend off so I can get it all done. I got a afghan double ended hook, not sure what size, in the mail from a fairy god mother, so next I will tackle that. Wish me luck. I will attempt to make a tunisian afghan then, Please be nice if I mispelled that and let me know how it's supposed to be spelled. Those apear to be harder. Good going everyone on your afghans, those picture ones sound so cool! I would love to see them. Pictures are allways welcome, I just can't post pictures with out some kind of help.
  21. Diana, You can google graph afghans for sites that sell patterns. Good luck and have fun finding the right pattern, look forward to seeing what you pick out. Read the first post in this thread please. It will give you information on what not to post here. I hope everyone is enjoying their projects.
  22. Elvis turned out great! I am a fan of Elvis. I want to know, Kristy, what you are using for the back ground of the car afghan.What color of yarn. It looks like a fleck yarn.
  23. Very nice, Kristy! I like it so far Dianne, the ALS afghan. Are you going to make it bigger with a border?
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