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  1. Looking for a pattern for a sweater for my soon to be four year old granddaughter. Looking for a worsted weight cardigan with a high waist and decorative bottom. Long sleeved. If anyone knows of a pattern, I am looking at a size for a five or six year old as size so it will fir her awhile.
  2. I am making a ripple afghan in white and purple red heart. The red heart is a lot softer than it used to be, but my tension finger is getting sore still. Might have to bandaid that when working on this. I am working on it as I can, I have a knit diagonal afghan I am finishing now for a young boy with cancer, then a knit prayer shawl for the grandma who I work with. That has to be done first. But I put a row and a half at my meeting today. Going four rows of white then purple, considering doing two rows of purple these two rounds, then alternating. I see them often done in three colors, not so
  3. Yes she deserves the pin and earings too, she's getting OLD! lol, Christi and her sister are friends of mine. My sister turned fifty just recently too. I guess we are the younguns. Even though we are the grandmas. Love you! Sweater is beautiful. What was the weight of the yarn, worsted?
  4. I keep getting compliments on my hat I made with a dot pattern I can not find. I used two different purples, a light and dark. People ask me for the pattern, but I cant find it. But I love her patterns and wish her well. I will just have to try another pattern by dot.
  5. I finished the spider man afghan and the rose and white one. I gave the pink one away, and my grandson got the spider man one. The other spider man one was found by daughter and it went to younger grandson. now busy making a baby one, with blue camo yarn and light blue and beige. increased from one amount of points to another, not sure of the number. but it looks good! no pictures of afghans though, sorry.
  6. Thank you, contacted her for the six point one, now can you direct me to how to turn it into a six to twelve to twenty four one? Threads or links or info on getting the pattern from annies attic? Does annies attic still make that pattern? I hear that Aggie may's six point is easier. I have only done twelve point ones. I am using baby yarn and size g hook to make a baby one. Is this possible or should I go for a simpler pattern for a baby one.
  7. looking for this. and pictures and threads.
  8. I am doing an afghan that is a graph afghan with tunisian crochet soon, my first one. i will keep an eye on this thread.
  9. Very pretty sweetheart afghan. that is a pattern from one of the crochet magazines isn't it? i beleive there is a cal especially for the sweetheart afghan. I bet she loves it.
  10. it is huge! But it will fit a twin size bed. I am wondering if it's gettin too big. But it is fun to make. And the points are really sharp. Going to see if the red can make one more round then maybe call it quits, even though I have a skein of blue still. Very pretty blue afghan.
  11. I am making a spiderman afghan right now, it's 59 inches so far with an I hook and I plan on doing at least ten more rounds. I did four rows of each color with a double crochet row of black between colors. I have started another RR with pink and white and I am planning a gray and black spider man one. Everyones look so nice, I especially like the blue ones, and the green ones.
  12. The shell made has been called the double v stitch before in another pattern, 2 double crochets chain 2 two double crochets makes a double v stitch shell, all in the same stitch or area. Then v stitch is the double crochet chain two double crochet in one stitch or area. Same thing as what you are doing in your pattern. The black rows are now double crochet and I am about done catching up, and I am trusting the one row of v stitch, then 2 rows of shells. It's looking pretty good, minamal frilling.. No cupping of the middle. I will crochet on!
  13. http://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnxpY2RmcmVlcGRmc3xneDo3MWQ0ZDE4OGY1MjQxYWUz This is the rosered pattern that really helped. It is a little more wordy than the one on the blog. I just wrote a big message and crochetville bumped me off. The name for the spiderman afghan by Gail comes up as super hero dream catcher on ravelry, when you put spider man afghan in the search engine. I don't know why. I appreciate all the help guys. I got the middle flat by double v stitch in one point, then v stitch in next point all around, then adjusting with double v st
  14. Ok, I looked at other patterns which had suggestions, one of which was to turn your work after each round for at least the first four or five rounds. So the middle is now flat. But tips are curling up and it is ruffling on the blue part. So more small shell rows, I beleive.
  15. Yes, that is the pattern, I was using the pattern for that afghan, the one with the webs. Afraid of saying the name due to rules. licensing and all that. I thought everyone would know it by that name. stitch and frogs pattern.12 points. I was using a k hook. I had all the stitches right, the count was right. I pulled it all out. And I am using an I hook, because my single crochet is a different gauge than my double crochet, but what I did on the afghan was half double crochet for the black rows. So the gauge was ok, but the black lines looked too thick. So I was planning on using the I hook fo
  16. How best to keep middle from buckling and as it gets larger, to lay flat. Any other tips apreciated. Doing superhero dream catcher afghan.
  17. I too am looking for a hat pattern by Dot that is not on the list. Crazy or tilted shells or something like that. I just bought more yarn to finish up a hat that I made with this pattern and didn't do enough rows on a long time ago. It's cotton and it shrank up. It's zig zag shells hat, I looked at my hat and looked at the stole, and I think it's a match. I have made two of them. I made Lizzy the fourth poncho too. If it's ok with Dot and ok with Amy, I just need the hook size now, for the hat to go with zig zag stole, It's not the same size I think as the stole.
  18. I am starting a round ripple, super hero dream catcher afghan. Last time I had trouble with buckling in the middle and rippling of the later rows. I can't remember how to fix this, I will review this thread. Boy, you guys are still going! Amazing! Next I want to do a twelve to twenty four point. But I also have a lot of small things to knit too.
  19. What size hook did you use for the afghan? Never mind, it helps to read the thread. Beautiful work darski as usual
  20. The choker goes to another pattern amy, I love her patterns, I have done two of them so far.
  21. Grannieannie, I had to have the bigger incision for my hyterectomy because of my size and shape, so I know that's not the way you want to go, so I hope she's not right for your sake. I hope you heal quickly. I started making scarves for the twelve scarf thread and found I don't like scarfs so much. So I have two I would like to send your way. One is pink with hearts and the other is white with blue fringe.
  22. Grey dragon, that is sweet of you I am glad it went over so well. I love RR I can do them in the dark almost. Well I worked on my grandsons in the dark car once or twice waiting for my daughter to get done at work. They tend to get wearisome once they get big though. You did your's fast. I am a working mom, so it takes me much longer than a few weeks to do one. I would say a month if it's not the only thing you are doing. Kendell It looks great so far. I am still holding out on the idea of making another one.
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