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  1. What about white yarn and a white yarn with a bit of silver or gleam/pearlescence to it? That way, you would still have all white, but, a bit of contrast.
  2. Hi. I know that some of you have made this successfully so I'm hoping you can help me out. I'm working on the front section and have just started the neckline shaping. It says to decrease one stitch at the neck edge on each row. This seems straight forward when my last stitch is a dc, but, when it's a shell, do I simply do a dc in that ch 1 space and turn? Actually, that would be decreasing by 2 stitches as I would not have the ch 1 space either. Then, do I start the next row with a ch 3? If so, I won't be decreasing on that row, will I? Any help is greatly appreciated - thanks! Paula
  3. Welcome from North Huntingdon/Irwin. Enjoy!
  4. Welcome from North Huntingdon, PA! Enjoy!
  5. Hello from North Huntingdon! What part of NW PA? I was born and raised in Franklin. Welcome and enjoy!
  6. Just yesterday, I was the recepient of a similar type of gift. One of my friends has been undergoing chemo for breast cancer and she has only one more treatment to go. She made each of our group of friends a bread blanket (a quilted piece that goes into a bread basket to keep the bread warm) that she presented to us with a wooden bread basket. She said it was her way of thanking us for keeping her going through this ordeal. I was so touched by this - especially since it was something she made herself and put her heart into. I'm sure your son's doctor will feel the same way. When you receive a handmade gift, you are receiving a part of that person in a way. That said, it doesn't matter what type of afghan you make, as long as you make it with your heart. My best to your son and your entire family. Paula
  7. Thanks so much for sharing this! I just ordered the pattern. Can't wait to make it. Thanks again! Paula
  8. Welcome from North Huntingdon, PA! Enjoy!
  9. I currently live in North Huntingdon/Irwin and work in Monroeville. Paula
  10. I just stumbled across this thread and purchased the shrug pattern. I have a good friend at work who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I have been teaching her to crochet to give her something to do while receiving her chemo. She has finished her first scarf and we were just moving on to dishcloths. I think we'll jump ahead to her first wearable and work on this together. She will be happy to see that part of the money has gone to fight this terrible disease. Thanks so much for sharing your talent for such a worthy cause! Paula
  11. Welcome from a fellow Pennsylvanian!
  12. Start again with row 2 and work through row 8 of the pattern you used for the back. I just finished this sweater and it is so cute when it is done - hang in there!
  13. Wow! That is a beautiful necklace! I've always wanted to try to incorporate thread crochet into jewelry, but, never have. Your great necklace has inspired me! Thanks for sharing it! Paula
  14. Hi Charlene. I live in North Huntingdon/Irwin - right off the PA turnpike. I know Clarion well as I was raised in Franklin and I worked at Clarion Psychiatric Center when I first finished college. Do you commute to Etna from Clarion? I'm hoping you work from home most of the time as that would be a long drive. Thanks for saying Hi! Paula
  15. Hi! I'm relatively new to crochet and I stumbled upon this forum a few weeks ago. I kind of accidently became a crocheter after furthering my beading hobby by taking a bead crochet class last October. I got hooked on that and wanted to learn to make 3 dimensional flowers that were part of a bead crochet pattern I had. I signed up for a beginning crochet class at my local Michael's in December and I haven't put the hook down since! I've made only sweaters so far - currently on my 4th one. Needless to say, I've yet to get to that 3 dimensional flower bead crochet project - but, it's still on my list. I'm happy to have found this group - nice to see I'm not alone in my crochet addiction. Thanks! Paula
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