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  1. Do you love all thing sea and beach cute crochet theme? I love to share my whale easy crochet applique pattern. Let's me know what you think. Round1. Make magic ring or adjustable ring and 7sc in ring (7 sts) Round2. 2sc in each st around (14 sts) Round3. (*Sc in next st, 2sc in next st*) repeat 4 time then sc next stitch and chain 6 then turn next stitch from hook ( make hdc,hdc,dc in the same stitch) then sl st next, sl st next, chain 2 turn (make hdc,hdc,dc in the same stitch and sl st in the same stitch) We are almost done here so go for the whale body sl st next, sl st next, next hdc, next dc, next dc, next sc, next sl st, next sl st, next sl st, next sl st. that all. whale crochet applique
  2. Hi everyone! just want to share this cute hat pattern on my blog www.jennyandteddy.com on free pattern page,please let me know what you think? I did not know I cannot post direct link to my pattern page. Sorry about that thanks.
  3. This baby pig name “Willy”. He has a little red nose which made from button and small pointy ear. He love to go to school and make lots of friend. Don’t you want to make him? http://www.jennyandteddy.com/2012/02/little-pig-free-amigurumi-pattern/
  4. Hi guys! I love to shared this easy toturial. http://jennyandteddy.blogspot.com/2011/11/free-teddy-bear-crochet-hat-pattern.html
  5. Hi guys! I have some easy bear hat tutorial to shared with you. it's easy enough for beginner and very quick to whip up. I hopeyou guys like them.http://www.jennyandteddy.com/2011/11/free-teddy-bear-hat-crochet-pattern/
  6. Hi everyone, I have a couple of free ami pattern in my blog http://jennyandteddy.blogspot.com/ Thank you.I hope you guy like them.
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