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  1. Sorry, for any misunderstanding. The multiple appears to be 2, plus 1 for base chain.
  2. It's a fairly simple pattern, using 2 sts for each repeat (the skipped st and worked st), with one stitch on each end of a row, so I'd say multiples of 2. You could try a 10-ch swatch to verify. edit: add 1 to the base chain because when you make the first row of sc, you skip the first ch which isn't counted as a stitch. so a small swatch for testing would be ch 11, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. You should end with 10 sc.
  3. Assuming you're having trouble with deciphering the repetitions and not any of the actual stitches, here's how I interpret it: * ch 6, work [sc in next ch-3 space, ch 4] twice, + Do the part between the [ ] two times. [*]sc in next ch-3 space; [*]rep from * 3 times, ending last repeat at +, Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 two times. Repeat steps 1 and 2 once more, then skip ahead to step 5. [*]join with a slip st to first sc. Fasten off C.
  4. Oh, my! You have a true treasure!
  5. As far as the thread goes, the Yarn Council has a nice page explaining yarn weights. There's only one size listed for thread yarn, but that column also lists which hooks to use and a general gauge. While not terribly helpful in determining what size of thread you have, Vashti's has an interesting page on crochet thread.
  6. I zoomed in once only and checked against 4 of my marked crochet hooks. The smallest one could have been matched with 2 of the pictures, but it's that way comparing it to my book too (I have another of the Interweave books with the same diagram in it).
  7. That's definitely a thread crochet hook. I have several of varying sizes. The following link is to a book with a chart in it. There's a look inside option and you can zoom in once for actual size. Then you can just hold your hook up to the screen to get a rough idea of it's size. http://www.amazon.com/Crochet-Edgings-Trims-Harmony-Guides/dp/1596681721/ref=sr_1_5?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1307547229&sr=1-5
  8. markers. definitely markers. use a short piece of yarn if you have to!
  9. Also, it looks as if you are working in an oval round. From Row 2 onward, it may be the intention of the pattern to join the round in the ch 1, but you would still not count it as a stitch.
  10. When working in sc, the ch 1 isn't usually counted as a stitch, unless the pattern specifically says it is. Usually it's there to keep the sides straight.
  11. I agree here. Here's a good video showing a regular . Once you get the hang of this, it should be easy to follow the instructions to make the rope stitch. Just remember, you will be working around the post 2 rows below the next stitch. For ease of reference, 1 row below would be the row you just completed, and 2 rows below would be the one below that. Good luck and hope it turns out well!
  12. Good luck! I'll keep an eye on this thread in case you get stuck again.
  13. Ok, I just worked to the point where you did the dc in the space. And yes, you insert your hook into the top of the ch 3, in the same place where you worked the sc. Make a dc.
  14. Ooooh, there's a It seems to be a bit more clear where to insert the hook on this one. If you still aren't getting it, I'll go make one to that point and see if I can be more clear as to exactly where the hook goes. And you're not being a pain!
  15. Stop the video exactly at 2:57. You see the ch 3 right below her hook. She is inserting the hook underneath the 2 loops right on top of the ch 3 immediately to the left of the space where you just made the dc.
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