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    I am 24 married and have the most beautiful dd in my opinion.
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    east coast
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    crochet, sewing and crafts
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    SAHM w/ part time work
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    making clothes for dd
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    since I was a kid
  1. are you still looking? and are definately want the heart pattern? what color?
  2. thats too cute,sorry I missed out on testing I have a 7 wk old.
  3. dont think it is ready yet, I know like charlene posted that her sandels are but not sure if the booties are yet.
  4. I think I saw one at walmart
  5. cheryl, if you are still offering my 1 month old needs a pair of those
  6. Can someone tell me if 2 strands of size 10 thread is equivalent to size 3 I found my answer on Lullabies and lace, the testers forum I belong to, but thanks for those that looked and the answer is yes
  7. it is well worth it her designs are so amazing you wont regret joining,there really is a friendly group of ladies 2 chat w/ and get 2 know
  8. if it will clean my house, do laundry and cook when I dont feel like it and change the occasional poopy diaper I am sold, send em on over if not then it might just have to collect dust at the store since it wont step foot in to my house at that price.
  9. it does look pretty, did you load it w/ photobucket? if so you can just resize it there and if not it is free to sign up and even gives you the codes to use for posting.
  10. if he changes his mind check out lullabiesandlace.com and crochetgarden.com both are reasonable adn super friendly w/ helping
  11. try luv2crochet.com and see what she says about smaller sizes
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