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    baby layettes and shawls
  1. Miss USA

    Scored a lot of wool today...

    Oh my goodness, beautiful... im jealous!
  2. Miss USA

    To Frog or not?

    rip it back. Make yourself proud. This is what my grandma would tell me
  3. Miss USA

    Old Botany Mills booklet from 1944

    I love old pattern magazines and books! They are so funny!!!
  4. Miss USA

    Who's on Ravelry?

    MissUSA (one word)
  5. Miss USA

    Its been a while....

    Ive been trying to learn how to knit, and though I am doing an OKAY:no job of it, my true passion is still- and always will be- crochet. Every so often I need to break free from the needle madness and relax with my hook. This is off that drops site, I dont know what was going on with that pattern so I did my own thing. I used mohair and a silk watercolour ribbon. I scored big time at an estate sale this week and got all this for 10 bucks And last month at the Alameda antique fair got these pattern books. The top 3 are from 1917, 1918 and 1920. And some funny little old hooks with cute little clippies on the tops. A doily I made And my sweater and hat. (not too practical for a California winter, but thats okay)
  6. It looks wonderful! Classic styles like that are always in fashion. Beautiful work
  7. Miss USA

    The "k" Word

    Ive been trying my hand at it as well. I paid 50 bucks for a knitting class that taught me nothing. I went home and taught myself everything else I needed to know to finish a stupid scarf from websites. Now I am working on a sweater. It is so easy, crochet is a true talent and art compared to knitting. I am so proud of crochet!!!!
  8. I like Commuknitty because of the selection and how open and spacey it is, although one time a lady who worked there tried to steer me away from a certain type of silk yarn because of the hook size I was going to use. I could believe it! I was like lady- whooo areee you anyway???
  9. Miss USA

    Little Women 1933

    I have the newer version of that movie on dvd. The scene where Meg is drying the girls clothes after they fell in the icy water, she is wearing one of those short shawls that wrap around and pin behind under the V. I love it!
  10. Incredible as usual. I think it looks shabby chic
  11. Miss USA

    Flower Baby set

    That is adorable! ...and boy does that camera take nice close ups!
  12. Miss USA

    New outifts for my niece and nephew

    I LOVE those types of outfits! They turned out perfect!
  13. Miss USA

    Clover Soft Touch - in Thread guage size

    I keep checking Ebay and they arent even there
  14. Miss USA

    Tribute to Rose

    what a wonderful story! She sounds like an inspiring woman