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  1. You did a wonderful job! It is a great set for a boy. I too would like to know what patterns you used.
  2. You did a beautiful job! I love her patterns. What yarn did you use? It looks like it could be Simply Soft, but I would rather ask and be sure. Denise
  3. I made a baby dress up out of the Lemon Pie this past weekend and I really like the way it turned out. I made a dress out of the pink and green one also, but I didn't like the colors quite as much. I hope to get a new camara this week, so I will post a picture later this week. I got mine at JoAnn's by the way.
  4. I don't know why I didn't look at this thread before now, since anything with baby in it I usually read, but I did miss it. My husband and I watched the Big Give and when Denver hospital was on my husband looked at me and said you could send some of your things. I just didn't know how to go about it. I love making baby things! Can we send more than just blankets to make them feel special? My daughter has had a drug problem and so her two youngest children were born positive for crack cocaine. We, my husband and myself, swaddled them when they were fussy and my grandson had tremors as well. Blankets were a God send during those first few months. I was so pleased to know that someone is helping these little ones. Denise
  5. I decided to give this a try. I have done a few of the RR, but never added any points to it. I have been trying to use up some of my stash since money is limited for yarn so it is mostly purple colors with some green to break it up. So far I have 12 points, but plan on adding more soon. I will take a picture as soon as I can. Denise
  6. I love all the outfits that you have done! Where do you pick up the skirts, dresses and pants that you embellish? They are beautiful when you finish with them. Denise
  7. I have news for you----it isn't only little girls that love Hannah, my 7 yo gs has to watch her everyday even if his sister isn't here. He knows all the songs too. I think he has a big crush on her.
  8. Hi from Allentown, Pa!
  9. Hi from Allentown! Are you at Bloomsburg State or East Stroudsburg? Those are the two I could think of that would be in the foot hills.
  10. Webkinz are animals of all kind that come with a code on the hang tag. When you enter the code on the website you earn points and can spend them on food, clothes, and furnishings in the rooms you have to decorate. You decide what sex and name they will have and enter it and it gives you a birthday and birth certificate. My grandson even loves it. They can play games and earn even more points. They even have special ones that are released for different holidays, and they retire some of the older ones too, which make them more valuable. They really are kind of fun, and since you have to keep them happy and fed, teaches responsibility.
  11. The kids are all addicted to the Webkinz animals and the website. Has anyone attemped to make clothing for the furry beings? I know that the gift shop in my hospital said they were getting clothing in for them, so maybe we can start thinking of crocheted items for them too! Darski you always have good ideas for this type of thing, what do you think!
  12. I'm in just send me your address and I'll contribute what I can. Denny
  13. Welcome, welcome! You will love it here. I'm from Allentown, Pa in Northeastern Pa.
  14. Hello from just south of you----Allentown, Pa.!
  15. Hello from Allentown, Pa.