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  1. guiness56

    HDC or SC

    Thanks for the help. The sc just looks better all around than the hdc. It has a neater appearance to it.
  2. guiness56

    HDC or SC

    I did the 2 swatches and the one with the HDC looked off. The inside square that I did 6x6 stitches looked too tall compared to the sc swatch.
  3. guiness56

    HDC or SC

    Ok, stupid question. How will I know if one is better than the other? The way they look? Also, the type of yarn could be an issue. I am using RHSS and they all vary on the size of the yarn even though they are all the same. For instance, the skein of black is very thick in most places, thinner in others and sorta stiff. Some of the other colors are more pliable and not so thick. And it calls for an H hook.
  4. guiness56

    HDC or SC

    They appear to be perfect squares. Of course I have to zoom in a lot to be able to see them. The picture looks fine. I was actually playing around with it trying to figure out how I wanted to do them and was using SC. I did about 6 rows and they all lined up with the pattern.
  5. guiness56

    HDC or SC

    I bought a graph to make an afghan. On the website it said it was to be done in SC. When I got the pattern it says HDC. I have tried contacting the seller and they are not responding and it has been near a week. How much of a difference would it make if I did it in SC instead of HDC. I have no idea how to figure out what it should be.
  6. The pattern uses RHSS which is 4 ply. I made all the pieces to this a few years ago but never put it together. When I moved most of the pieces were somehow displaced and just haven't gone back to re-do them.
  7. I didn't physically work it but, if you add all of the repeats it adds up to more stitches than chains.
  8. I posted in another forum but got no responses. I want to try to do a afghan from a graph. 1st question, how do you make it larger than the 24 x 18 inches it is graphed on? 2nd questiion. Instead of crocheting with the other hand or doing reverse single crochets, neither of which I am good at, is it possible to just end after every row and start again from the right side?
  9. guiness56

    Graph crochet

    Wasn't sure where to ask this so sorry in advance. I want to try my hand at a graph afghan. It is a simple color scheme, blacks, grays and whites. My question is, how do you make a small graph (24" x 18") large enough to make a regular size afghan? Also, is a graphgan the same as a tapestry?
  10. I did try the edc also. It may work when I start the project again.
  11. I just put the project aside for now and started another. I'll work on it again in a bit. What's funny is the new project also has trc and I have no problems at all with them. Part of the issue was the yarn is so worn out from me starting over 100 times I need to cut off all the used yarn and start fresh. I did watch some videos and it seemed the yarn used was very stretchy compared to the RHSS I am using.
  12. It could be this also http://jennozkan.com/2010/12/crochet-ribbed-scarf-its-like-knitting-only-better/ I have used it for scarves a few times and loved it.
  13. Thanks. I'll give that a try. I really like the pattern and want to finish it.
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