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  1. Hey there everyone! I was hoping to get some pattern suggestions for blankets that work well with red heart ombre yarn! thanks so much!
  2. i would like to introduce you all to my daughter...thanks for all of the positive thoughts and well wishes!
  3. soooooooooooooooo the time has come! i go to the hospital tomorrow at 6:30am to have the baby! wish me luck! im going to need it! oh and everyones beach bags are awesome! i love the colors! i hope you are all enjoying them! i will be back with an update as soon as possiable!
  4. thanks! i am very nervous about my doctor visit tomorrow... but with all the tests ive had done to make sure the baby is strong enough and the team of doctors i have i do feel that they will make the best decision for both baby and i... thanks for all the positive thoughts!
  5. just wanted to give everyone a little update... i still have not had the baby... but i go to the doctor this wednesday and find out for sure if he is going to induce me on thursday... so by the end of the week i could have the baby!
  6. OMG i LOVE the pictures! and its awesome that you all love the finished bag! thanks so much for doing this with me! i cant wait to run another one! thanks for all the well wishes for the baby and i...so far we are both still hanging in there! i will be sure to let you all know as soon as she comes!
  7. im so glad you like it and are getting great use out of it! i also cant wait to see pictures of everyones finished project!
  8. i first want to take a second to thank everyone for being so understanding i still have not had the baby (which i think is a good thing being as she isnt due till august 3rd!) due to the fact that the lab messed up with the tests and i have to go and have them done again on monday and tuesday i sure hope for the lab that everything comes back okay and that i dont have to have an emergency delivery because should something happen to my child or myself due to their error and lack of care there will be heck to pay okay so here we are...better late then never...this is our final clue which means we are going to be assembling the rest of our "mystery item" which im sure you have all figured out by now Final Clue make sure all of your ends are weaved in on your main piece! remember those 3 flowers we made? well now its time to attach them to one side of the main piece! i will leave the method in which you do this up to you, i actually use a needle and thread and sew mine on. and now for that chain that seemed to have no point at all... you are going to weave that around the stitches all the way around. make sure you choose a row that is below the "strap" that you made in the last clue. i recommend making the ends of the long chain start and end in the middle of the side of your main piece that you attach the flowers to. now all thats left is for you to load your "mystery item" with your beach or park must haves and cinch that sack up! the reason i make this with such a wide open bottom is because i cant stand bringing home a ton of sand from the beach! i also recommended a washable yarn for this reason! oh and you will notice that with items in your "beach sack" the strap will start to stretch, thats fine! i designed this to do exactly that! over time it may get so stretched out that you can carry it across your body and if it becomes too stretched for you to handle...you can simply redo that step of the sack or choose to add a different kind of carrying method! i hope you all enjoyed this CAL and i do look forward to running another one for everyone once the baby comes and i am settled once again. please enjoy this sack, i feel its the perfect thing for a last min hey lets go to the beach! i cant wait to see everyones finished project! Clues can be found: Clue #1-Post 28 Clue #2-Post 120 Clue #3-Post 169 Photo Progress Clues 1&2 - Post 215 Clue #4-Post 252 Clue #5-Post 293
  9. im sorry for all of the confusion with the clues ! i hope everyone is now right on track. this is a rather important update so i hope everyone reads this.... as everyone knows i am pregnant and due on august 3rd. i went to the doctor today and it was determined at todays visit that tomorrow and the next day i need to go in and have lots of tests done...pending the results there is a very good chance that i will have to have the baby this friday the baby is doing good so far and weighs 5lbs7oz (according to the ultrasound) but this mommy isnt doing so well...my blood pressure is through the roof and my feet are very very swollen... what does all this mean for our CAL? well its a good thing that the next clue is our LAST one! i am going to do my best to post it thursday night so i dont leave everyone hanging! i just wanted to give everyone an update so if i seem to fall off the face of the earth for a little while you all know why.
  10. you are very welcome! if you need some help im here! im glad you like it thus far!
  11. CLUE #5 okay! here we goooooooooooooooooo! back to the main piece! Rounds 25 & 26: Ch2, 1 dc in next st, 1 dc in each st around, slst in top of ch2 now you are going to do the following: 1 SC in next 5 stitches, turn. *CH1, 1 SC in 5 SC sts, turn. (note: the CH1 is your turning chain DO NOT SC into it) repeat from * until that piece measures between 10 and 12 inches what you do now is match up 5 stitches on the opposite side of the main piece with the end of the strip you are working on. then: 1 SC into the 5 sts on the main piece, making sure you are going through the sts on the strip as well (you are going to end up joining the strip to the main piece on the other side). end off. this last part may be confusing, so please let me know if you need any help! Clues can be found: Clue #1-Post 28 Clue #2-Post 120 Clue #3-Post 169 Photo Progress Clues 1&2 - Post 215 Clue #4-Post 252
  12. oh my! twins are like gods way of testing parents strength every single day! infants are super easy...once the walking starts its a nightmare! :yes by all means please warn your new mom friend, but dont scare her! its a process and i hope they get use to this very soon...thankfully they go with their daddy on friday nights so i get a little break if not im sure i would have ended up dead by the end of this weekend
  13. im glad so many of you understand...i am typing up the clue as we speak! im so sorry for the delay, but this mama needed to get some sleep!
  14. later on tonight i will be posting the new clue...its been a rough week and i havent had much time on the computer due to the fact that my twins just started sleeping in big kid beds and its been an ordeal and a half to say the least. so keep an eye out after dinner time...look at it this way--this weeks clue can be like a mid-night snack for everyone!
  15. i was a bit late with posting the clue...but it did make it here on the day it was planned i like posting the clues on fridays that way everyone has the weekend to enjoy it! about the glasses...well they were able to fix my old ones...but since i was due for new ones (as said my insurance company ) i did infact get a new pair and let me tell you i am so happy with them they are purple which is my all time favorite color and now i have a back up pair! i do often find my glasses in some strange places...and the mornings that i cant find them are the worst because i ALWAYS leave them in the same place but somehow they are either moved or end up under something how you ask i have no idea... i like to say that i have gnomes that like to take them and play hide-n-seek with me
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