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  1. The LA pattern is nice, but I love the pattern I found at Bass Wood Stitchery.
  2. Not to long ago I posted that I was looking for a pattern. I had found it on a site that was not in English. A few of you we're kind enough to try and figure the pattern out for me. Well yesterday while I was looking on Etsy I found it. So I wanted to share the information with you all. It is called Trailing Leaves Afghan and can be found at Bass Wood Stitchery on Etsy. Thanks again for all your help, Catherine aka milosmom
  3. Thank you all. I have and am doing the Larksfoot pattern as a baby afghan. I like the Bargello Throw, and will be doing that as my next project. Something for me in USC Trojan colors. Catherine
  4. Thank you ladies. Everyone was so helpful. Can't wait to make the afghan. I was hoping to find the Spike Stitch used with double crochet, not a fan of single crochet. Thanks again. Milosmom
  5. Hello, I found this afghan on line but could not find the pattern. Anyone know this pattern? Also looking for a Larksfoot Baby Afghan! Also an afghan spike stitch pattern? Thank you, Catherine aka milosmom
  6. There are all kinds of animal blanket buddies. I have I think close to 20 different blanket buddy patterns. You can email me privately at milosmom.1@gmail.com if you wish. I am sure I have one you would like. Milosmom
  7. Thank you, this helps a lot Milosmom
  8. I am looking for a patterns for a diaper stacker and nursery holers as in wipes, q-tips, powder, lotion etc? Thanks, Milosmom
  9. Thanks for the link, it does look a lot like the blanket pattern
  10. Today I saw a beautiful Afghan and I would love the pattern. The gal that made said she did it years ago and thinks it's called a butterfly stitch. Here are two pictures of what i am looking for. Thanks, Milosmom
  11. Thank you, just what I was looking for. Milosmom
  12. Hello, I am looking for a pattern to cover or hold a purse size tissue pack? Thanks, Milosmom
  13. Thank you for your help. I did go to Annie's Attic and bought a few of her Mile a Minute Patterns. Also Leasure Arts has a lot too. Thanks again, Cathy aka milosmom
  14. Went there but not sure what to look for? Do you happen to have a name for the pattern?
  15. Hello Ladies, I am looking for this baby blanket pattern. This blanket is from my churches nursery, which means i can't tear it apart to figure out the pattern. I really would like to add this pattern to my collection. So I am hoping someone can help me locate the pattern or tell me how to make it. Thanks, Cathy aka milosmom
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