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  1. Hi again, I got an email back saying acrylic is fine so Im happy Thanks for all your help
  2. Oh thank you for that I will ask
  3. Thank you for the help I received another email from her explaining they are not allowed to use wool on heads or feet of the babies so Ill be heading down the cardigan and blanket routes I guess
  4. I have been in touch with my local hospital as I wanted to make some premature baby donations, in the reply she said that the would be overjoyed with some handmade donations but due to health and safety none of the items can have patterns or holes so must be "close stitched" so... Im looking for patterns for booties, hats and blankets that you think would fit into "close stitched" Thank you in advance for any help!
  5. Gorgeous! I want a friend like you! I have a massive bay window though, if you start tomorrow you could be done by 2013?
  6. I agree with Skatters, simple yet perfect, they look so cozy!
  7. My son got an anroid ipad kind of thingy (yeah Im so up to date on these things lol) and this is an ideal idea! thank you for the link
  8. This is now my next project! love it thank you
  9. Im up north in Newcastle, Hobby craft is ridiculously expensive! check yell.com and you should be able to find somewhere local, I find the smaller the shop the cheaper the wool Good luck!
  10. I have only just tonight came across your blog and hooks and I am in complete awe of your talent. Absolutely beautiful hooks!
  11. Beans is very cute and looks very happy with her new toy, my dog however destroys anything given to him typical male
  12. May all your wishes come true in 2012
  13. Ailsa


    Hi and welcome from England! I know what you mean about friends as none of mine are into crochet, yet they all love the "home made" gifts they get
  14. Not only is it a beautiful shawl but its a lovely thing to give at a sad time of need, I.m sorry for their loss and also glad they have such thoughtful and caring friends
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