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  1. thanks darski will have to look for them i dont remember seeing that brand there
  2. o m goodness what a great idea hope you dont mind im stealing it and running lol knew there was a good reason for saving those plastic tubes for
  3. you would think they would with the big truck stops they have west of town heard there is large outlet mallnorth of town not even there wow
  4. i'm in dekalk home of the NIU HUSKIES go huskies
  5. MMMMMMMM mmmmmmmm PAPA DELS PIZZA CAN YOU EMAIL SOME TO ME ppppphhhhh lllleeeeaaase o baby mouth in watering best deep pizza ever had a co worker mother lives down there and i gave him money to get me pizzas to bring bad to me (now he is hooked on it lol) my sonz and husband didn't know until i cooked them SURPRISE o m g good times driving down for the weekend for pizza o how i found papa married a college student from there 35 years laterly still married to him lol
  6. fathers family is in effingham bet it has changed since i was down there loved the summer down there at the lake uncles home made moon spirits and huntin doggies lol the southern in coming out in me again good rembers
  7. o mine you out did yourself with this one a have to make thanks
  8. there is one in genva il wool store near the court house there is a hobby lobby on galena ave there is michaels by hwy 88 by the outlet mall if you are more near naperville there is a couple there too more into downers grove there is a wool shop in dekalb il i have to think more on the names of the roads there are on think there is on in sugar grove or is that sandwich sorry to early to think i'm in dekalb there is some in rockford too
  9. thanks so much that looks like the one i saw but free cool love those lol thanks again
  10. ok bear with me i'm looking for a crochet pattern for covering plastic hangers for the closet it was an ad on the annie's or clotide or caron free daily patterns it pop up and of course the husband was in a rush and i didn't just leave the computer running and had to run out the door so i can't find the pattern now on the net looked every where i have been in the last couple days e pattern annie's etc it was made with the plastic hangers you can get from walmart believe there is a dozen in the package if any one know the company who had the pattern please i'm running nutz
  11. o sure thanks now i have to look for a cabbage patch doll again love your outfits
  12. i'm in dekalk illinois i shop in rockford for yarn nice to know i'm not the only one here did you ever go to aunt marys in rochelle i miss that shop i thought nice prices she always got the dolls i needed for the items i miss that
  13. hey hey hey i'm in dekalb illinois home of the NIU HUSKIES yea ok so them suck this season in BB crochet on lunch hour for the students yes i work for NIU if you didn't guess that already need a yarn shop around this area again loosing walmart and micheals doesn't handle the yarn i like if you all know of a good shop beside hobby lobby and micheals walmart been there done those MIss aunt marys shop in rochelle sniff sniff say HEY some time boyzmom666@hotmail.com susie
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