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  1. anyone know where i can get patterns for the naruto i have a grand daughter who is nutz over it would love to surprise her with some a new grand daughter son married mother and i would like her to at least get to liking me lol 12 year old help please
  2. oo boy have to call the daughter in law cant find the material here joanne doesnt carry material the same at each store different THAT SUCKS i see a quilt in the furture
  3. susie

    Sweetheart Ripple

    i knew i had it i remember it being red and white 2009 ooo now another box of magazines to look in lol ild be better off to go buy it at annies thanks for the inform all
  4. susie

    Sweetheart Ripple

    ok for the life of me i cant find the pattern i know i have it what am i looking for on the air waves or her book or a magazine i want to say a magazine crochet today right love the colors you used
  5. susie

    Fox Bag

    o m g that is so cute wonder if i used fur it would look like a husky son and wife just got one what do you all think
  6. well ok telling my age here yes you are right maggie did wear a crochet scarf i have the dvd thanks to my youngest son birthday and mothers day gifts love love love that soap opera will get into it again with popcorn and drink and figure it out get back to you lol
  7. thanks darski will have to look for them i dont remember seeing that brand there
  8. would love try the pattern also
  9. i am in need of a crochet pattern for TIANA PRINCESS doll and afghan figured someone here would know the right path to the buying site for them if you know of some thing i could doctor up to be is also welcome thanks susie
  10. sorry yes it is an afghan i know it is in2 different books but icant remember which 2 as was in a magazine a couple times off white black letters gold rings
  11. son informs us christmas going to get married i know i have the pattern im looking for but if you only knew the stack i have of papers books etc looking for a old crochet magazine pattern with the double ring on it gold if i remember right and you put the bride and grooms names on it can see the paper but dont remember the name of the magazine get your thinking caps out i need help lol any help would be welcome
  12. i went to the local VFW and american legion and asked for them to safe some for me but if that doesnt work i have a son who is leaving for OK at end of month for the military base i can send them with him it you would like
  13. so you are the one who beats me at the dupage fair lol sweet job
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