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  1. Thank you Teapot, the wedding ring really isn't that hard.
  2. My Goodness have I missed all my friends here at C'ville. Just wanted to let my good friends know that I hadn't fallen off the face of the Earth and that I'm still working hard on individual crochet projects. I just started this Wedding Ring Afghan that I got from Crochet Pattern Central for mine and DH's bed. http://i126.photobucket.com/albums/p100/ijbennett/100_1069.jpg
  3. I started this blanket about a month ago using patterns from 2 different books. It was supposed to be done on a set of circular needles but I just couldn't get the pattern right so I impravised. Doing it in sections allowed me to use different colors. (This is my first knitting project!)
  4. I'm also in Orange County to the north of you in Cedar Grove!
  5. Lhassa, you know just how long I've worked with the public and that type of rudness is not tolerated. If I had treated a customer that way I'd be sitting in the manager's office getting a writeup or worse. I agree with the one that told you to report the rude cashier, they should be repramanded for sure. You would be surprised at the response you'd get by emailing the company as well as calling the store and talking to the manager.
  6. Greetings from Beautiful, Downtown Cedar Grove, NC
  7. Greetings from Beautiful Down Town Cedar Grove, NC
  8. I just got in from work and found a huge box sitting in my computer chair addressed from Lhasaapsolady and wondered what she was up to now. When I opened it to my surprise was this beautiful comfort ghan. Thank you every one that helped out. You ladies are so very wonderful for doing this and to Wanda who was probably the mastermind behind it all, (there was a note in it from her fessing up). Thank you Tampa Doll for the work and love you put into putting it all together, Auntbubbles for the card and to every last one of you that sent a note on your squares. I really needed this gigantic hug! Bless you all.
  9. I have been SSSOOOO holding my breath for you to finish up your afghan and it looks like you'll have it done soon! Atta Girl!
  10. Beautiful Downtown Cedar Grove here. That's just north of Chapel Hill for those of you who are wondering.
  11. That's what I was hoping for, the best dressed baby in the state. LOL Thank you all for the nice comments.
  12. As time gets nearer for my daugther to deliver I find my self hurrying to get a few things done for the baby. I had already done a full layette before finding out what she was going to have and now that we know it's going to be a boy the layette seemed a bit girlish. So I decided to do something that was more suited for a little boy. I got the sweater pattern from CPC in January, it's called Everyday Ragland and I did it in Navy Blue and white worsted weight yarn. The hat is just a simple Visor Cap from an old pattern book. Looks really cute on the teddy bear don't it?
  13. I've been doing some catching up on my blog and realized that I never posted my finished RR. I finished it up on the 11th of May and sent it off to the new owner the next day. After finishing this one I started on a 7 pointer.
  14. Sorry that I didn't post any updates to my RR. I took a trip to Va to visit my daugther and dad. Took it with me and worked on it there. I finished it up last night and am really happy with the way it turned out. Now to find a box to mail it off!
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