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  1. I've been doing some catching up on my blog and realized that I never posted my finished RR. I finished it up on the 11th of May and sent it off to the new owner the next day. After finishing this one I started on a 7 pointer.
  2. Sorry that I didn't post any updates to my RR. I took a trip to Va to visit my daugther and dad. Took it with me and worked on it there. I finished it up last night and am really happy with the way it turned out. Now to find a box to mail it off!
  3. Thanks Judy, the lady that will be getting this has had a few miscarraiges since her reversal and the friend that's asked me to do it hopes it will be a bit of comfort to her. I've done just over 2 more rows since posting this afternoon.
  4. I actually started on my RR yesterday and have done nearly 17 rows now. A friend of my daugther in Virginia asked me to do a baby blanket for a lady that's had a tubal reversal. I'm hoping I'll have it finished next week while I'm visiting up there.
  5. Ladies, I think I'd like to join too! I started a baby blanket last night and thought I was doing good even though it wouldn't lay flat. After frogging it twice and then re reading the directions I'm on row 10. I'll be using RH Baby Mint Twinkle and White.
  6. You are just a hop, skip and a jump from me down 85! I live in Cedar Grove just north of Hillsborough. Welcome to the forum.
  7. Krystal, you more than deserve the crown and septer. The afghans turned out absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!
  8. Absolutely wonderful!!!!!! Is that my flower square smack dab in the middle? Jessie is really going to love this.
  9. I am very happy that my squares have made it in fine shape, simple though they are they look wonderful with everyone elses. I'm sure Jessie will love it.
  10. My squares and donation went out in the mail at about 10:30 this morning. I hope you get them soon
  11. The 2 squares I promised are ready to be mailed out tomorrow along with a small donation.
  12. You're pretty close to me then. I'm in Cedar Grove in Northern Orange county. I'm about 10 minutes north of Hillsobrough.
  13. Hi Smileygirl, I'm from beautiful downtown Cedar Grove, NC. It's actually a spot on our map just north of Hillsborough in Orange county. Welcome to C'ville.
  14. Just wanted to remind you ladies that the next Knit and Crochet club meeting will be tomorrow. I will be there but may be a bit late, I'm employed again! I got a job and JoAnn's fabrics and crafts in Durham and have to work till 4. Sweetbutterfly I hope that your anniversary was a good one! Minwifeof4boys I hope that your schedule will allow you some time to attend tomorrow. Still looking forward to meeting you and am still holding on to the cds for you. Everybody try to stay cool!
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