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    My great grandma taught me how to crochet when I was bout 8. I used to spend summers at her house learning under her watchful eye. I was the only one she ever taught how to crochet that showed an interest.
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    West Virginia
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    coon hunting with the boyfriend, raising chickens, and crocheting
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    mostly small projects I like to see the end result
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  1. Beautiful I love the colors
  2. Yesterday when I finally got home! In the mail I recieved a surprise and it totally made me day full of sunshine! So thank you three cats for making my day! also thank you so much for the lovely gifts
  3. AshyN

    Having Trouble

    Hello everyone...I'm wanting to find some cochet abbriviations and print them off and put them in a book so I know where to look for them but I'm having trouble finding a site I like...so does anyone have any? plz and thank you!
  4. mmm...wire crochet? I'll have to give it a try sometime.
  5. That storm that came through wv I've never seen anything like it...Me and the boyfriend were out feeding the animals waiting on the rain and all of a sudden the wind about knock us over...It was scary a tree top feel on the top of our roof...it's nothing i want to go through again I was afraid for my family
  6. I've been over a week without power...That storm really did a number on WV power lines. It really makes you thankful for what you have when you have to go over a week without it.
  7. Crochet some food decorations like cup cakes mmm.....
  8. I look at the new avon books every week at work? I must have skipped over the bracelet.
  9. Beautiful it's absolutely stunning I love it.
  10. I recieved 2 squares in the mail yesterday when I got home from work from Katyaleen8090 Thank you to much! I just took these pictures this morning and they don't do the squares justice at all! but thanks again!
  11. I personally don't want an account because I'm of the younger generation I guess you would call it (I'm 21) And I don't want to listen to the drama I get enough of it at work I come home to enjoy myself not to read what everyone else is doing and my bf doesn't have one either. We both feel it helps are relationship out a lot bc a lot of younger couples are age fight over who is taking to who and why they posted that on their facebook blah I want nothing of it.
  12. I don't have a facebook account but, I wish for the best on the grant. -Amy an idea Some different Items in the crochetville store various colors on clothing and designs Some coffee mugs Maybe selling your own line of yarn! Another thing it might be a little tricky IDK but I have a hard time hearing about craft shows until its to late, It would be awesome if we had a place to adverise craft shows in local area's then again that might be tricky.
  13. I don't crochet nearly as much as I would like to. I work a full time job and my bf just got on the state road he is still waiting for a drug test. We just bought a place beside my dad and we are saving all are money to get a well dug. we are working so hard to make everything happen and do everything right why we are still young I get a little over welmed at times and just want to cry but I just think of how lucky me and zach are to be young and have each other and trying to do everything the right way makes me very happy. One day I can sit in my lovely house he is going to build for me and
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