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    Mom of 2 beautiful children (Jacob 1yr and Yasmine 6 yrs) and wife of the most wonderful husband.
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    Bakersfield, Ca
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    I am new to crochet and knitting, but I love them both! I also love reading, music & movies.
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    The toughest job in the world ~ Homemaker!
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    baby items.
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  1. :clapOh wow, you ladies are awesome. I found the site and I remembered the name right away! thanks :clap:cheer Esmy
  2. Hi ladies and gents, It's been awhile since I have posted here or crocheted for that matter, I seem to do more sewing in the summer fall weather and now that it is getting chilly, I am itching to start crocheting again. Anyways, last year I made my daughter a really cute beanie from a pattern I found online. Here is a picture of the beanie ... I want to make more for gifts, but I cannot find the pattern for the life of me. Does anyone know where I can find this pattern again? Thanks Esmy
  3. I just wanted to say your blanket is gorgeous. So much so, that you have lurred me back to crochet. I'f been taking a break for a few months now, working on other stuff and I was just browsing crochetville when I saw your blankie. I'm going to pick out some nice yarn and make this as a just in case gift. Thanks for the pattern, Esmy
  4. I love this thread Tracy and my stores name is very similar to yours. (I've thought of this before) If money were no object, my dream store would be called : The Yarn Barn The feel would be fun, eclectic, hip, but also very comfy. As I sit here with my mug of Hot Green Tea with Pomegranite and Cranberry I know I would have to include a Coffee and Tea area, maybe even light snacks for those coming in on their lunch hour, but I would keep it to the side with some nice chairs maybe even a patio area for nice day. My policy regarding spills on yarn would be: You stain it, You bought it . A large book area would be in the center of the store. All types of craft books, mostly crochet and knitting, but everything else crafts under the sun. Nice, comfy, chairs and tables would be scattered around. Beautiful yarns of all fibers and prices would be in clear bins up against the walls. With samples of the yarns crocheted or knitted into cool beanies or scarves or something hip to truly show off the fibers. Hooks and knitting needles (yes, I would have both) would be set up in their own displays. My yarns would be in big bins and have easy access. I would have a special section of yarn and books just for the kiddies in a little corner. I could get my husband (an artist in his own) paint sun and clouds and a rainbow and have bean bags on the floor for the little fiber artists to browse books. Of course, I would have a classroom in the back with classes offering bothe crochet and knitting. Weekly classes with samples of their work displayed in the front. A pretty table with a section of crafters selling their goods near the cash registers would also be included. Soft music would be playing overhead...and....and... :dreaming :drool I must stop now...I'm getting light headed. Too much excitment.... It's nice to dream!
  5. Thanks ladies for all the responses. It really helped understand. Sandy, I will definetely check out the CAL and try out one of these small squares. I think that would be the best option, to start out small and then when I feel good about technique move on to something bigger. Esmy:)
  6. Hello everyone, I still consider myself a newbie and don't do alot of fancy things yet. I came across these patterns for sale on ebay and was wondering how these blankets are crocheted? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=150080493922 When doing the color changes in each row - Do you have to attach and detach the yarn for each row? That would be alot of ends!! Or do you somehow not detach your yarn and just drop and pick up the colored yarn? Or is the blanket made first like all single crochet stitches and then the design is crosstitched into the blankie? Sorry, I know these are really dumb questions, I'm just wanting to get an idea of how difficult these patterns are and how many ends are being weaved in. Esmy
  7. I just love that fleece!!! I'm going to have to go scavanger for some at Walmart. My son would love it!! Esmeralda
  8. Oh, I forgot to mention, there are 19 skeins of yarn. If anyone is interested in taking it all I'll take $20 plus shipping. Esmeralda:)
  9. Hello ladies, I'm destashing, I need the $. I have alot of novelty yarn I bought on clearance at Walmart. It's all new stuff, complete skeins, I think it's just yarn that had the paper sleeve come off. Also, there is some fingering weight yarn, cotton yarn, and some baby double knitting yarn by Sidar. If no one wants anything here, I will probably sell on ebay. Make me an offer. I prefer paypal. Images are clickable. Click to view detail. Thanks Esmeralda:)
  10. Sold! Thanks ladies. Esmeralda
  11. Hi, I was about to list this book in perfect condition on ebay, but decided to see if anyone here was interested. I have only looked thru it, it has no marks, tears, etc... I was hoping to get $10 for it plus shipping to be determined by buyers zipcode. I accept paypal if anyone is interested please email me. If not, I will list it tomorrow on ebay. Thanks esmeralda
  12. Thank you to Kim and all the other ladies for your help. It really makes a difference to be able to ask someone. I will drop in on your blog for those instructions Kim. Thanks Again.
  13. I am interested in learning the Tunisian Crochet (I've seen some cute baby afghan patterns), but have also seen something called Crochetnit? Can anyone tell me what the difference between the two are and which is easier or faster? Also, those who do Tunisian Crochet would you say it's as simple as crochet? Esmeralda:)
  14. Most of my crocheting is also done during naps and after my 2 year old son goes to bed. If he see's my crocheting he will usually grab a hook and start stabbing whatever I am working on. (He thinks he's crocheting too:hook ) It's really cute, but it ruins my stitches and wonks them all out. So sometimes I just give him a partial skein I am not using and a hook and let him have at it. It works for about 20 mins. I can't imagine crocheting with 2 around. Esmeralda
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