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  1. Okay that makes sense...but how do I increase? I am such a newb I need everything explained to me... So after the 10 round the next three would be V-stitch round 5dc's and then the 2 shell rounds would be 6 dc's?...and then the next three would be 6 dcs in the v-stitch round and then 7 dc's in the shell rounds?
  2. Thanks ladies! I emailed her but I will try Ravelry too...I can't stop because I am already on the 10th round and I bought just 2 skeins of yarn each of the colors I wanted to use so I'm afraid if I start over with another pattern I won't have enough.
  3. This is a beginners Round Ripple Pattern I found by Smooth Fox..I dunno if she is on this forum or not but I am a little confused on a couple of things...arrgh my newb brain! http://smoothfoxlover.blogspot.com/2009/06/free-smoothfoxs-beginners-round-ripple.html At the bottom it says that the pattern continues repeating rounds always working 1 round with V-stitch and the other two with shell...repeating the 8,9,10. First, what if I want to not use three round of the same color do I just keep using the vstitch round then 2shell rounds combo, it stays the same no matter what color I use, right? The other question I have is that it says to continue to repeat rounds 8,9,10...but then the bottom says to increase the number of DC on each round as you work stitches in the ch-2 spaces. I am a little confused about that can someone explain it to me? Thank you!
  4. I am 33 and just started crocheting in Feb.
  5. AmieS

    Fbb #2!!!

    WoW!!!!!! Thats nice!!
  6. I love these colors!!! Awesome job!
  7. so I'm almost finished with this thing but it doesn't look as nice as Champygirls...I'm not sure if its the kind of yarn I used...(cotton) or maybe its just me... Guess I need to make another one.... I will post a pic when I'm done but be wary its scary!
  8. That linky is GREAT! Thank you!
  9. ooh thank you all very much! I think I can figure it out now...haha but I may be back for more questions! Going to go check out those links! Yes, magic I was just talking to hubby about getting a book...any suggestions?
  10. What online store have you found to be like herrshners? I really really like their kits and the ease of finding what yarns I want on their site and the prices...but.... oh man their shipping is so. slooow. I think they strapped my package on the back of a turtle to get it here!:emptymail I looked at Joanns and I wasn't impressed so any suggestions? Is there anywhere else to find those awesome kits?
  11. Just wondering if there was any fellow crocheters around here in my area...
  12. Oh I so want to do this!!! I hope I hope I can find those colors around here...yarn is so hard to find!! I may have to order it!
  13. LOL why yes its the one! Thought it would be fun to try! Rnd 1: Ch2, 8 sc in 2nd chain from hook, join with sl st to first sc. Does she mean to chain 2 and then join THEN 8 sc in the hole? Does it start differently than a usual round? Its really stumping me. Also 2nd chain from the hook also alludes me as well. Told ya I'm a total newb...:2blush:) Then.... Rnd 3: Ch1, (1 sc, ch2, 1 sc) all in same st as joining, [skip next st, (1 sc, ch2, 1 sc) all in next st] Do this 7 times, join with sl st to first sc. what does it mean in the parenthesis? So I chain 1 and then do whats in the parenthesis in the slip stitch? Thanks everyone! BTW RoseRed I did see your patterns! Beautiful... *drools* I would love to try your pattern for my DD's afghan IF I ever get my yarn in the mail. (its been almost three weeks!!)
  14. How complicated are they to make? I LOVE LOVE looking at these and I want to make one. I am pretty new at crochet and I am still having a hard time reading patterns, there is still so much I have yet to figure out... So far I have made about 5 hats I am very good at doing rounds and know how to dc sc and hdc in the round and change colors. I can also make several types of flowers. This is basically all I've crocheted so far. I am waiting on yarn so I can start on an afghan but I found this 8 point round dishcloth here in the forums I thought I would try that first since I have plenty of cotton yarn....but seriously I am scratching my head on the pattern! Now I am thinking maybe its too complicated for me? Should I start with something else? What would be the best patterns for me to gain more experience and also for learning patterns? I tried to do a basic dc blanket but I found it rather boring and ended up making a scarf. (haha I really like crocheting rounds!!) I really love a challenge but I don't want it to be so challenging that I can't figure it out! Thanks!
  15. Hi! My name is Amie I just found this forum and I hope to learn some things and make some friends! I have 3 kiddos all under 4:manyheart and have recently taught myself how to crochet. So far I have made several hats for my daughter who has lost all her hair to chemo...she is the reason I wanted to learn to crochet but now that I've started I have discovered how much I LOVE it!! Started a DC blanket but discovered I'd rather make a scarf out of it instead.. There is still a LOT I need to learn(like how to read a pattern lol), and quite a few techniques I still need to figure out or still scratching my head on. I am awaiting much anticipated arrival of yarn so I can make a round afgan for my daughter....that will be my next project. So, HI EVERYONE!!
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