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  1. I'm happy with the texture using the 6mm hook, so I'll give it another go as you suggest and did find another cardigan on the pay patterns, so will get that as well. Thank you both for your help.
  2. I've been doing a cardigan (sweater) that the pattern is for 12ply (worsted) wool and I'm using 8ply (DK). I thought I'd go from the plan that's with the pattern and sizes, but I've messed up. I'm using the size hook 6mm that's in the pattern, but have tried the larger hook, and I don't like the look or feel at the loose big hook. I've also looked for another pattern using DK that I like but I just really like this one! Here's the pattern https://www.yarnspirations.com/row-en/patons-slouchy-crochet-cardigan/PAC0129-002593M.html?cgid=crochet-patterns-women-sweaters-cardigans#start=9 I've figured out I really need the pattern to follow. Now my question before starting again - can I just make a size larger with the smaller hook for it to work, rather than changing the hook size? I'm going nuts over this, and so sick of doing and undoing and doing and undoing swatches, I was trying for this winter. Hoping some of you can advise me. Cheers, Vicki
  3. Hi I've returned to crocheting and live in Northern NSW Australia.
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