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    Taught to crochet by grandmother, retaught self in 2005. Married, two kids, 1 dog, 1 cat, 2 turtles, 1 gecko, and 1 rabbit. 2011 - our gecko went to the great leafy place in the sky. We miss you!
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    Woodland, CA
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    Crochet, reading, writing, and watch movies.
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    Correctional Officer
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    Granny Squares
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  1. just1morestitch

    Beaded Bracelet

    Looks good!
  2. just1morestitch

    I Phone Hoodie Cozy .. heavy photos

    Very cute!
  3. just1morestitch

    Crochet nylon purse tutorial

    Thanks for the links!
  4. just1morestitch

    DANCE Duffel Bag

    Turned out so cute! I love the color!
  5. just1morestitch

    ~Patriotic Flower Garland~

    That is so cute and imaginative! I've never seen anything like it before. Good work. Did you design it?
  6. just1morestitch

    Tree Skirt

    So pretty and very vintage feeling!!
  7. just1morestitch

    Teeny Tiny Pumpkin

    Perfect size to carry around!! Good work!
  8. just1morestitch

    Bottle Cap Trivit

    It is very pretty! Looks great sitting on the counter - like a doily~
  9. just1morestitch

    Shells Hotpad

    That is awesome that you figured out the pattern! I also inherited some crocheted items from my grandparents. I've studied them, but have yet to try to recreate any of it. You've inspired me!
  10. just1morestitch

    striped washcloths/neck warmer

    Very nice. Pretty colors!
  11. just1morestitch

    Blooming Flower Pillow

    It turned out so good!
  12. just1morestitch

    new pillowcase for by daughter

    Those are the worst kinds of yarns, but it turned out great!!!
  13. just1morestitch

    Tie a yellow ribbon...

    Very sweet!
  14. just1morestitch

    Butterfly Pillow

    I just love the bright colors. When I first looked at the pictures, I thought "Any little girl would just love that!"
  15. just1morestitch

    my Birdies <3

    So cute and springy!