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  1. Just went to your page and saw the Afghan! OMG! Its perfect! How did you do that? I'm not sure I'm that advanced! Great job on it!
  2. Thanks! Now I. Know my color eye was right! Ghats one I picked. I'm not on ravelry but I'll go and take a look
  3. Mattenylou thanks for the site! This looks like the perfect shade! And thanks all for the warm welcome everyone!
  4. So I went online to hobby lobby and their I love this yarn and found a color called cranberry that looks good. Then went onto red heart and found one called ranch red. I had a page pulled up of Alabama gear and by switching back and forth I think these two are contenders. I'll wait see if we get any response to our posts!
  5. Well they're the " crimson tide" so crimson and white but getting the right crimson red might be tough. From the pictures of their tee shirts and things it's like a dried blood color ...gross but the best way I know to describe it!
  6. I want to do sn Afghan for a friend in the Colors of the university of alabama but it's hard to know the exact Colorado of red/ crimson. Any Alabama crocheters out there who can help? I use either red heart or hobby lobby I love this yarn. If you could help with a Colorado number I'd love you forever!
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