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    Since 1955
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    Baby layette sets, lapghans, afghans, bed dolls, dishcloths and tidy towels
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  1. yarnwoman2004

    Baby blanket

    Thank you so much, Crocheting4Fun!!! I am going to use this pattern for my granddaughter's blanket. I love the colors you used. I plan to make the blanket in different shades of pinks, with off-white separating them.
  2. yarnwoman2004

    Coffee and pink afghan

    A very beautiful job!! Love these colors also!
  3. yarnwoman2004

    Baby blanket

    Beautiful!!!! Can you please share the number of beginning chains that you made. Is there a pattern that you could share with us. I'm wanting to make one for a granddaughter whose birth is in November. Thank you!
  4. yarnwoman2004

    2 Strand Afghan

    Sooo beautiful!!! I LOVE the 2 strand afghans and have made numerous ones using black as the "dominant" color, along with another color. Some call it the "ugly blanket," but everyone who has received one from me has found that they are very warm, and can stand years of use. I keep one in each vehicle we have, and many times use it for a cover up as we travel, or during my lunch breaks, when I like to read. A good way to use up your stash also!! And to use 2 colors for the sports teams. A good afghan for either sex. I love your colors!!
  5. yarnwoman2004

    SOLD - Bernat Blanket yarn - $4 per skein

    Nancy, I would like to have this yarn. Please send me a message to my email account as to the amount of the check I should send. Thank you!
  6. I have sent you an email.
  7. yarnwoman2004

    SOLD - Bernat Boa yarn - less than half price

    I sent you a personal message to your email address. Thank you!
  8. yarnwoman2004

    SOLD! - Bernat Boa yarn - less than half price!

    Nancy, how much would all of this yarn cost, including the shipping costs? Thank you!!
  9. yarnwoman2004

    SOLD! - Bernat Big Ball worsted yarn for sale cheap!

    Nancy, I want this yarn. Please let me know the amount for all, plus shippiing to Parkersburg WV. I see that you sold the variegated yarn. Is that correct? Thank you!
  10. yarnwoman2004

    SOLD! - Lots of variegated yarn - cheap!

    How much shipping cost for Parkersburg, WV?
  11. yarnwoman2004

    another sashay scarf

    Very pretty!!! How do you tie off the ends when you have completed the scarf? Thanks!
  12. yarnwoman2004

    Stained Glass Round Ripple

    WOW!! That's an awesome job!! What were the names of your colors? Thanks!!
  13. yarnwoman2004

    Searching for a quick baby afghan pattern

    Thanks, Tracy!!! I didn't have this one either. Have printed it off.
  14. yarnwoman2004

    Searching for a quick baby afghan pattern

    Thank you, Rose Red and Segi, for your suggestions. I love both of them!