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    Married to my first love & mom of 2 pre-teen girls....ahhhh
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    My Family,Music,reading,gardening, and you can never forget,Crochet!
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  1. Has it come in yet? If so, what colors ad yar are you going to use? Can't wait to find out!
  2. Hi! No, not dead....I have had internet issues. Argg! I'n glad you posted! My goals for the project is way off, lol! Those little squares take no time to make! Name:All-Star Granny Goals: Re-evaluating!lol! Total Squares: 35 Estimated Start: November 1Actual Start: November 1 Estimated Completion: Actual Completion:
  3. Yes, I was originally going to begin it in November, but I think I will start sooner!
  4. Nope, I'm using purple, lilac and a variegated....I went through my stash, and with what quantities I had, these were the three that went together!
  5. Thank you everyone! Now, after all the ones without pics are done, I want to work on the Casablanca and a few others! You are so right Judianne....there are too many to choose just one, and so beautiful!!
  6. Yep, it might be there. I know what you mean about shipping......arrggg, especially for something so small. Ohhh, and WELCOME!!!!
  7. Hi everyone! Well, WOW, first off all! Over 8000 posts/ 800 pages! WTG guys! I'm jumping in. I'm going to work the Chains and Diamonds lapghan. I will be using Caron SS in blues and maybe white. I will know for sure by Monday...I know, lol!
  8. Name: Sallenlouise Goals: 5 sqs a week (20 a month) Pattern: All-Star Granny Source:Granny Delight Afghans Project#3 Estimated Start: 11/08 Actual Start: Estimated Completion: 11/08 Actual Completion: This is the ghan that I hope to complete by November. Pattern: All-Star Granny by Alinda Miller Finished Size: 54″X68″ Each Sq = 3 1/2″ (I used paint to edit, so I know it looks off) Book: Granny Delight Afghans project #3, page 13 Publisher: Leisure Arts, Little Books, 2000 ~I bought my copy from Hobby Lobby for $2.79 MATERIALS: Hook: H Worsted Weight Yarn Color A: (Blue)26 ounces (740 grams, 1,785 yards) Color B: (Natural)17 ounces (480 grams, 1,165 yards) Color C: (Lt Blue)15 ounces (430 grams, 1,030 yards) Yarn Needle SQUARES: SQUARE A: Make 48 SQUARE B: Make 96 SQUARE C: Make 48 I’m not sure how long this would take generally, but there are a lot of squares. (192 actually!) My Goal will be to make 5 squares a week, so 20 squares a month. This will have me finished by November 2008. It will take a total of 13 months. WOWSER! LOL! Now, let’s see how that all works out! Come on, it will be a lot of fun!
  9. OK, I love them, the sore was so cute, lol! Yes, I think that they would sell when in season!
  10. Hey Villagers! I am going to be working on some quilt style ghans for awhile. I have decided to slow down on swaps, and work on projects for family and friends. So, if you would like to join, come on in! This will be for patchwork/quilt style afghans! I have set a up a schedule to keep me on target for having them done by next holiday. I have a few more ghans that I want to make, but I probably won't begin to work on them until January. Name: Goals: Project: Source: Estimated Start: Actual Start: Estimated Completion: Actual Completion:
  11. The next meet up is for Tuesday, October 16 7pm At the Burleson Starbucks. If you would like to come, RSVP Here! I hope to see some more Villager's!
  12. I'm so glad you made made it! It was nice meeting you, and miss Ruby is adorable!! I will make sure that I bring some books for you to look over next week. I think this will be so much fun Hugs, Sonia
  13. I went to High School in Crowley! If you ever make your way back up here, holler at me!
  14. You all are very welcome! We can ever have too many dishcloth patterns, right!
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