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  1. Hooded baby blanket I think this pattern also came with a little stuffed bear pattern as well. Any one know where I might find this ? Thanks, Di
  2. I would love to add this app to my iPhone. I'll be crossing my fingers for that "PM"
  3. Where you ever able to write down the pattern for this tassell hat? Diane
  4. If you have a chance, could you email me the link as well. I have two baby blankets to make and finish by Nov. I think this pattern would be perfect. Thank you, Diane
  5. Beautiful. I sent you a message to your blog. Di
  6. This bag is just what I've been looking for. I love it. I have just finished looking for, finding, and purchasing this issue. I can't wait until it arrives. I'm off tomorrow to get the yarn. Did you use two skeins for the body and one for the trim? Could you give some suggestions on what you would do to inlarge this pattern if you were to do it again? Thanks for posting this. Di
  7. I just went to my first crochet group circle last night. There are some very nices ladies in the group. It is in Bellflower at "Stitches In Time". Crochetoholic Debb from this board is who you should get in touch with if you think you can make it to this area. It's approx. 20 minutes north of Seal Beach. Good Luck Diane
  8. I have no idea who this person is selling, but I just happened to run across this. I thought I remembered that some of you were still looking for this very hard to find pattern. Below is the link..... http://cgi.ebay.com/ANNIES-AWARD-WINNING-AFGHAN-crochet-pattern-patterns_W0QQitemZ8248835295QQcategoryZ11797QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Good Luck, Di
  9. Thank you for finding that site, but no, that wasn't me. I did go to this site and put in a request, however I am still in search for this pattern if anyone has any idea where to direct me in my search. Any info would be great thank you
  10. Good Morning Everyone I am in search of the pattern for the afghan pictured below. Anyone know where I might go to find this? Or, does anyone know what the name of this pattern is? Thank you, Di
  11. Hello to you all, I'm wondering if anyone might know where I might find this pattern? Or maybe what the offical name for this pattern is....... I have seen it on ebay before. But I'm not willing to pay the crazy price of $25.00 or so that they seem to be going for. I've seen it called ..... "Baby Doll's 'WICKER' BASKET & BUNTING Crochet Pattern" Thank you, Di
  12. Sending a warm welcome your way:welcome. You are going to love it here. Di
  13. Sending a warm welcome your way. You are going to love it here. Di
  14. AuntieDi

    Crochet Camp

    This sounds like a wonderful idea. I wish I had the time it would take to organize one, but would like to attend one. SoCal area anyone ?? Di
  15. Oh my goodness.......Thank you so much to all of you. And to Fran....xoxoxo. This is a perfect example of why this is the best group of people. Thanks again, Di
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