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    university student
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    NB, Canada
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    mainly crochet!
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    Rentals associate
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    since I was about 4, but I just picked it up again in 2005
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    dishcloths, afgans, scarves, finger puppets
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  1. Lunatic84

    Seeking the Canadians... eh?

    I'm in New Brunswick, just outside of Saint John. I do spend a fair amount of time in Riverview though!
  2. Lunatic84

    Another Canuk Has Joined The Group

    Welcome from Southern NB!
  3. Lunatic84

    hi from Ontario Canada

    from Southern NB!
  4. Lunatic84

    Hi all, from Saskatchewan!!

    Welcome to the 'Ville from the east coast in Freezing cold and windy NB! enjoy and prepare to become highly addicted...I'm convinced that I am more addicted to this site than I am to crochet....ok, I guess thats not completely true lol
  5. Lunatic84

    vintage humor

    OH! I want the pants on the girl on the far left and the sweater on the girl in the middle!!!!!! If those patterns are on the Groovey Crochet website, and someone knows the link, could you please, please with a cherry on top, post the link here???
  6. Lunatic84

    Stuck with 5 skeins of Citrus, any suggestions?

    You could make a nice purse (like the Nordstrom hobo) and a matching scarf or something....or a beach bag! those colours just scream summer! HTH, Leanne
  7. Lunatic84

    Hi from Nova Scotia

    Welcome from Southern NB!! (outside of Saint John!) Enjoy the 'ville, you will become addicted, trust me! :)
  8. Lunatic84

    Hello from Nova Scotia

    Welcome from Southern New Brunswick!!!! You will become highly addicted very soon, trust me
  9. I am very interested in making this sweater: http://www.modadea.com/patterns/LM0125.htm But I don't want to use Eden...does anyone have another suggestion for a type of yarn that I could use that wouldn't cost me a fortune? Or what type of yarn you used so I could make a comparison. Thanks in advance, Leanne:)
  10. Lunatic84

    New Free Crochet Pattern Site

    oh my goodness, I have fallen in love with the Blusa Eden..now I just have to either learn Portugese, or find a good translating device Just waiting for new patterns now Thanks again for the heads up about this site
  11. Lunatic84

    Camera Pouches

    oh genius!! I'm going to try that too!!!!
  12. Lunatic84

    Gilmore Girls

    Did anyone else notice on the last episode of the Gilmore Girls(Nov 7th), when Kurt and Lou Lou were sitting in Luke's at the counter, that Lou Lou was wearing a crocheted skirt? It was very pretty and colourful.
  13. Lunatic84

    Shapes Needed

    here are some from Garnstudio, you just have to remember to convert them to US terminology http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/en/visoppskrift.php?d_nr=b14&d_id=30〈=en
  14. Lunatic84

    crochetme washcloth pattern?

    Are you looking for the smooth one or the textured one? I make the smooth ones, it's very simple. ch 28 (or desired length) , sc in 1st ch dc in next ch, repeat to the end (ending with a dc), ch 1 turn. repeat rows until desired length. I usually do mine in the blo, so that it gives it kind of a ribbing, it's nice for scrubbing. HTH!
  15. Lunatic84

    aran/fisherman sweater for women

    Well, I was in a car accident yesterday (I'm ok! just soft tissue), and I ended up going to the hospital. While I was waiting in the ER my Dad went to the gift shop to get a magazine, and well, I think I have the best Dad ever! He got me 'Simply Creative Crochet' and 'Family Circle Easy Crochet', which amazinly, both have patterns for beautiful aran sweaters! So thank you ladies for your help, but my Dad found me the pattern I have been looking for! hehe, how weird is that?