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  1. I've got three bags of three skeins each (total of 12 skeins) of Cotton Ease in Orange for sale or trade. I've got three skeins of Turquios as well. I won't use these colors, but I knew there were some here that would want to stock up. I purchased them at Tuesday Morning this past Friday (wiped out what they had!) First come first serve. Email me at aliassak[at]neb[dot]rr[dot]com. I don't get around here enough to check PMs, so if you don't email me, don't expect a response.
  2. Kari, Tiff already knows this, and I'm sure you've seen the post on my blog about it, but I haven't received ANY packages from my pal.
  3. whew! Now I can finally say something to you, Joy, without fear that I'll give myself away!! I'm glad you liked everything! I had no idea that you liked Numi teas. I just happened across them at our local health food mart and thought it would be something you'd enjoy since you started that tea swap! Enjoy your yarns, and I can't wait to see what you make with them!
  4. Wow! That particular style of art isn't my bag, but damn that's impressive! I wouldn't make it for my household, but I would definitely make it as a gift. Great work, Drew. You're creativity never ceases to amaze me!
  5. Why not make it in the colors of their wedding? I think it would be so much more special to them, if you did that. I'm sure by now they have their colors chosen and a quick investigative phone call would get you the information you would need. Just my
  6. I've been getting ecards from my pal throughout this round, and I still have no idea who she is! With the end of the round coming up, I'm on the edge of my seat to see what kind of package I get with the reveal!
  7. I went to look up the rules for entrants for our county fair, and they left me utterly confused! It's almost like if you're not 4-H or FFA, then you can't enter anything. I really need to call the fair board, or whatever they call themselves, and get some clarification....
  8. That dh should be shot! It's not about the fact that you may have only spent $3 on the yarn/thread to make the gown, it's the TIME that you put into it!! But, of course you know that since you didn't price it at 20$ to begin with.... Some people are so ignorant. That's about as absurd as saying "you're not paying thousands/millions/etc on a <insert famous painter's name here> because they only used 100$ in paint" (and those paints aren't cheap!)
  9. This hits really close to home because of the issues associated with Whiteclay. It's constantly on the news...
  10. You can only felt natural animal fibers like wool... You will get some fulling out of alpaca, but forget trying if you're using cotton, linen or acrylics.
  11. My secret pal has been keeping in touch with ecards almost every day since the swap started! I'm amazed at all the different ones she has found!! I haven't received any packages from her just yet, but in one of the ecards she sent a while ago said that she was busy making me something special... So, I'm sure that's what the hold up is.... No worries, I'm sure she will spoil me to no end with whatever she sends me! Thanks, Secret "Sister", the attention with the ecards is wonderful enough!!
  12. OMG! Beth likes something PINK!!!! Write that down folks! Anyways.... Lovely PINK sheepie! I'd add it to my collection!!
  13. Ok, here's the scoop--- I have gotten squares from Diamond, Tampa Doll and a mystery somebody in PA (didn't use forum name, so I'm not sure who Ms. T is...) From what I understand, I do have more squares in the mail and on their way to me... Will be checking the mailbox for them daily! I have decided to give her the ghan on June 4th, which is the one month anniversary of her son's passing. So there is still time to get squares sent, if you're so inclined. Words can't say how much this means to me to have you all help me... I each and everyone of you. If you don't have the mailing address, please message me for it. Thanks again!!!
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