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    I'm a geek in so many ways! I am active on websites devoted to make-up, crocheting, and building customized working lightsabers.

    A soon-to-be 38 year old single self-professed Diva, I believe the secret to staying young is constantly challenging yourself and breaking your own molds and pre-conceptions on things!
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    crocheting, comic books, anything Star Wars, anything Girly, LOVE socializing!
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    rather boring, thus my hobbies!
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    baby dresses and blankets
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    noodling since 13, but got really serious about 2 years ago.
  1. does anyone have a crochet pattern for the 6" stockings? Never mind! found one!
  2. I love making each cloth a different design. Now I'm going to make the stockings!
  3. I've always loved the delicacy of the counted and stamped cross-stitch, but BOY does it boil my blood when I find out I've made a mistake, or I switched one color for another. I always seem to find out these mistakes about 7 rows in...
  4. I just turned 39 a couple weeks ago, and I totally agree with you! I too wish I could find other people to have a coffee klatch with. I tell people I'm the crazy aunt you always hear about, and let me tell you, the neighborhood cats are often better conversationalists than the neighbors!
  5. When I make baby/toddler clothing the projects are easily done within a week, but when I'm making an afghan or adult clothing, I sometimes get bored looking at the same yarn for weeks on end. I usually start another side project, but I feel guilty about not finishing the first one. I usually put this down to my Gemini nature, but I'm wondering if I'm an odd duck and should learn some self discipline or if this is common?
  6. Sorry for the delay, but I did a swatch of the pattern to see what they were talking about. So from what I gather, in the second row, you are to do multiple single stitches in each of the single stitches from the previous row. The 2 chain spaces are to be in front of the stitches you just made (the working behind part of the pattern) so it looks like the loops of the 2 chain spaces from the previous row are hanging out in the middle of space. I'm thinking that it will either be a textural design, or be used in later rows. Hope this helps!
  7. from the instructions that you gave, for the second row (the 'working behind row) after you've turned you do 2 single stitches in the single stitch of the first row. I would normally think to work the posts, but I would think they would indicate a post stitch if that were the case. Can you do me a favor? can you give the full instructions for each row? Because I'm not able to add up the number of stitches for each row.
  8. This calls to mind the cable patterns that I've done. To me, I would go back, skipping the chain space and put 2 single stitches in the one single stitch of the previous row.
  9. I crochet, but that's my forte. Everything else is dabbling. I have almost learned how to knit, am planning to visit a friend of mine to learn how to sew. I practice Aikido, write, both a blog and fiction, even though I seem to be better as a beta (editor). I'm working on making baskets out of plastic shopping bags, tried making baskets and bowls out of magazine pages, but they don't seem to be my personal decorating style. And I am active in a community centered around making custom-designed illuminated and usable lightsabers (with and without sound). I guess I'm just trying to
  10. I'm left handed and taught myself how to crochet, but what I did was ignore which hand was holding what. While this worked for me, it confuses the Dickens out of me when i watch videos or try to teach someone else. So now I just focus on what the hook and yarn are doing. Now im on a quest to learn how to knit, and I'll learn the correct way this time!
  11. I think I was about 12, and needed something to do during the long car rides during family vacations. I chose crochet because the materials were cheap, and to be honest, I was too intimidated by learning to use 2 needles at one time. I wasn't very good, I only learned how to chain and double stitch, and never very well. Then a few years ago my Be Fri got pregnant around the same time I was going through a very stressful period of my life, and now I crochet any time I have more than 10 minutes to kill!
  12. I'm very left handed. There was no one around to teach me how to crochet, so I taught myself by looking in the back of magazines where they draw pictures of hands and yarn, etc. Actually the way I learn anything is to automatically flip the instructions 'backwards' and mirror what the 'usual' way is. I've tried to show right handers how to crochet, and when they ask me how to hold a hook, I say, do what feels natural to you, and don't hold too tight.
  13. I'll be 38 in a month. I started when I was about 12 when I needed something to do during those long car rides for family vacation, but never went anywhere. Then about 2 1/2 years ago my best friend told me she was pregnant, so I picked it up again to make a baby blanket (which I was too shy to actually give her) Now if I don't crochet at least every other day I get CRANKY! I was told that crocheting is for old women once. I looked at him and said, "I'm too fabulous to be old, and always will be. Now no scarf for you!" lol
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