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    I'm a geek in so many ways! I am active on websites devoted to make-up, crocheting, and building customized working lightsabers.

    A soon-to-be 38 year old single self-professed Diva, I believe the secret to staying young is constantly challenging yourself and breaking your own molds and pre-conceptions on things!
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    crocheting, comic books, anything Star Wars, anything Girly, LOVE socializing!
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    rather boring, thus my hobbies!
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    baby dresses and blankets
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    noodling since 13, but got really serious about 2 years ago.
  1. Hi! I know exactly what you mean. I feel like something is missing if I don't have my hook and yarn! Welcome!
  2. Li'l Sis has an emotional reaction to most shades of yellow, and I have the same response (negative) to Orange. We can handle the muted, fall-ish colors like pumpkin and buttercream. Black is tough for me unless I'm using a very lacy pattern and a hook in high contrast color. I bought 10 skeins of a silk/bamboo yarn in black (on sale) so I'm making a very lacy tunic, and considering it a lesson learned. I LOVE shades of blue and green, especially when it's the varigated blue into green. For some reason I absolutely love the varigated and striped yarns. Of course my Boyfriend, 2
  3. I just can't believe that someone would THROW THEM AWAY. I mean, they're cloth! If she's afraid of germs, then why use them in the first place?! As for the other DIL not having any, I can sadly understand where that would come from. In my house the discloths like to run away with the socks, which is why we buy the economy packs from Walmart. And on the other side of the coin, when I found out my Bestie would never use any dish towels I made her, only display them, I stopped making them for her and switched to sweaters for her daughter. I understand both sides. Not agreeing, just seei
  4. As a basket weave is merely FPDS for X, BPDS for X, repeat for Y# of rows, then reverse for same number of rows (BPDS for X, FPDS for X, repeat for Y# of rows) I've always made my own basket-weave patterns by figuring out how many columns and rows of the yarn/hook combination I'm working with will take to make a square of my choice and then alternating the FPDS and the BPDS for the length and width of the desired finished product. Not sure how to add on the bobbles though.
  5. that would be a wonderful present for my nieces! can anyone point me towards the pattern?!
  6. I see something like that and I just am itching to turn it into a simple shell to wear over my tank tops. That is beautiful!
  7. wow. those are beautiful!!!
  8. I've only done russian joins for light and regular worsted weight yarns, haven't tried anything light (#2) or lighter. I must say though, that since I learned how to do a russian join, I rarely join my yarn any other way.
  9. is there such a thing as making them out of nylons???? Now I'm intrigued...
  10. I have a friend who says, 'it's not a flaw, it's a feature!' And the thing I love with crocheting is that often, 'design modifications' aren't noticed until they're pointed out! Congrats on being your own best friend!
  11. Off the top of my head, and without seeing them to know if they will even work together for a single project; - make scarves - use them to kick start smaller projects like ponchos and sweaters, - put a nice border around them to make trivets - pay them forward to some charities looking for squares for comfortghans - start your own comfortghan charity and ask for more squares to then donate afghan somewhere else - I KNOW i've seen slippers made in part from granny squares a couple days ago - use a couple of them together to make whimsical runners and placemats - freeform those suck
  12. that is awesome! I love it! I'm always wondering what to do with my stash, and I get scared that I'll start a project, run out and never find the yarn needed to finish it!
  13. that is beautiful! Is this pattern available anywhere? I'd like to try it out myself. I doubt I'd be able to use #30 thread, but maybe the #10 would come out just as pretty?
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