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  1. I am hyperventilating just imagining your joy Treasures like that are the absolute best. Must breathe deep, heart racing, ha, ha!!
  2. I am slowly going crazy..... Excited to find a vintage pattern for a dress to make for my sons wedding. (Note to self: Before ordering a vintage pattern, make sure the yarn is still availablef!) Anyways, The yarn is Bernat Venetian, which, went the way of the dinosaurs apparently. However, I assumed I would be able to find out the yarn weight so that I could find a comparable yarn to find. I have been sitting at my computer for 3 hours, that's right 3 solid hours - and I have found the content, but that's it. Does anyone have any ideas? It appears to be a mohair blend, mainly acrylic with a little mohair and nylon. Thanks a bunch!
  3. I am soooo excited to join my fellow crochetaholics I have been enjoying crochet since I was a wee little Phila lass, thanks to my grandmother and just became an instructor for Michaels here in Lancaster. Looking forward to shared wisdom from the group!
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