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    Megan Ackermann
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    I am 24 and currently living in Washington State while my husband is overseas... I am greatly looking forward to him coming home in January when we will be moving to England as our follow on base!!! I am a full time online student pursuing my BA in Computer Science, and have recently decided to open an online store to sell the things I crochet, which I am extremely excited about!!!!
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    Ellensburg, WA
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    Crochet, Horseback riding, scrapbooking, reading, spending time with friends & family...
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    Stay at home wife/ Student
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    anything I can!!!
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    since January 2011
  1. Thank you all for your suggestions!!! This helps a lot!!! I'll make sure to let you know when I decide!!
  2. I'm looking at starting a website to sell my crochet work but cannot seem to come up with/decide on a name... ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!! I'm clearly still in the very beginning stages of this (it's basically just thoughts on a piece of paper at this point) so any additional business advice/help would be great as well! Thanks!!!!
  3. Thanks for the great suggestions... I will definitely be looking into them all!
  4. Hey, so I'm pretty new to Crocheting and I've pretty much taught myself. I really want to start branching out and learning new stitches but don't know the best way to do this.... I've been looking into some more difficult patterns but would really like to do some practice swatches w/new stitches before starting a project.... Anyone know of good books which could help me learn some new stitches?
  5. Thanks everyone for welcoming me!
  6. I am new to this site and just wanted to say hello! I have been teaching myself how to crochet since December so I'm pretty new to crocheting as well! While my husband is overseas, I've moved home to WA to be closer to family and was curious if anyone has any good suggestions for yarn/supply stores in the Ellensburg or Seattle area??? I need to find some good yarn at a reasonable price to start my very first blanket project!!! This will be the largest thing I have attempted... all I've been doing is small shapes and amigurumi. Wish me luck!!!
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