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  1. Congrats and this one is georgeous!!! Love that purple color. Whats the name of the pattern?
  2. Its lovely!! Did it take you very long to work on this one? Or, was it quick and easy?
  3. This is my second Lavender Fields Afghan I finally got done. I had to order more colors of the yarn and that took almost a month to get here. I had alot of yarn colors left over from the first one I did. There is a few alterations on this one, but it is as beautiful as the first one. A young couple that were just married on July 29th will be receiving this for Christmas this year.The Brides favorite colors are purples, and yes, those were the colors for the wedding. It was beautiful.
  4. I think the pattern is online for free in both the knit version or the crochet version. There is also the pattern that comes with the yarn, and a leaflet was available at the Micheals Store, where I bought the yarn. I hope this helps.
  5. Sashay scarf I crocheted from the Red Heart yarn ,Boutique, Rumba. It was very easy to do.
  6. Ok Ladies, I did start my 2nd afghan over a month ago. With holidays and not finding the 2 colors I needed to complete this second on, I had to order the yarn thru Red Heart. I am still waiting for it to get here. That was 2 weeks ago, so it should be here by next week. (I hope) I am anxiously waiting to finish it for the newly weds for Christmas this year. It will be done, way before that. I will post a picture when I get it done. Only 5 rows left to do. and its done. Barb
  7. babs272

    Aran Hearts ghan

    I love it!!! Where did you find the pattern??? I would like to make this one soon.
  8. Lovely work!!! Someone is going to be lucky to love these!!!
  9. Very nice pattern and I like the colors you used.
  10. Knooking is on my todo list for this summer. As soon as I find the knooking tools I need. Here in BC where I live, its not easy to find. Micheals does not carry them yet. Going into the US next week on holidays and plan to search there for them. I cannot wait to try this ..
  11. I used the Red Heart Classic yarn that it called for in the pattern on the front of the book. Its a nice weight and not heavy at all. I did another one in baby colors and I used the brushed yarn, Rainbow Classic and it worked up nicely as well. I am hooked on this pattern. Have fun making this one....
  12. The pattern is from the Book, Learn to do Bavarian Crochet by Jenny King. It is called Lavender Fields. It is one of AA books. I hope this is what you wanted to know. And, thankyou! Barb
  13. Yes it is from the book, Learn to do Bavarian crochet. Well worth buying. The illustrations are very clear. ,
  14. Just finished this afghan and ready to start another one with the same colors. The other one will be an Xmas gift for a couple who are getting married end of July. This one is so much fun to do and so easy once you get the pattern going.
  15. lOVE IT!!!! Colors are great!!
  16. Lynn, Keep trying this stitch. Its so easy after you get the hang of it. It took me days to get it. If you get stuck on a part in the pattern, maybe I can explain it to you. Only 2 rows make the pattern and it was simple that I don,t know why it took so long to get it down packed. Lol Let me know how you do???
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