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    I am who I am. Not much of a face to face person. I love Crochet, Knit, Spin, and now weave!
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    Crochet, Knit, Spin, Drawing, Music, Paint, Weave
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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to Mrs.McKee for two more squares! They got here superfast!
  2. I got 3 more squares! from katyallen8090 Thank you. I'd post a pic of them but I seem to have misplaced my "camera" (my phone) and wont be likely to locate it till someone calls me XD
  3. Don't have any pretty pictures to show today but I'm thinking that I may finally have an idea of how to put my squares together being that they're a bunch of different sizes it may come across as a fancy painting. On a less jubilant note i just found out that my dad (primary breadwinner of the house, I still live with my parents) is getting laid off.. hes supposed to be transferred to another factory but we don't know when.
  4. got two pretty squares from cshort the yellow one is alot paler than in the pic though o.O
  5. Sorry if my absence caused anyone bother but I haven't been feeling well at all this last month and just a couple of days ago one of our(mostly the parent's) dogs died, finally succumbing to the disease(i cant remember the name) that she'd been fighting since Christmas. I'm not much of a person for words so yeah.. There was a message for me but I accidently deleted it before catching the name/message so I'm sorry to whomever that may have been.
  6. Finally got the puter up n running again! Thanks again for the squares!
  7. Got my squares Thank you katyallen!! I'd post a pic but it seems my computer has decided to fry itself (the cpu fan seems to have given out)
  8. The info for me is still correct. And sorry I haven't been posting or been on at all lately. I've been having a bit of a rough time mentally.
  9. Holy crochet hook! that is EPIC.. even though im not a huge fan of green that is a FANTASTICALLY huuuge ripple there.
  10. oooh its so pretty! I'd love to receive something like this XD Im really into the rainbow and tye-dyed effects right now... I totally need to bust out my shirt dyes and make some ugliehish old stuff into nice and new XD
  11. Pitching in my name! XD We all just love our squares.. even when we arent the ones who made them(that makes them all the more special)
  12. Two newest squares. just got the yeller/purple one today from Bubbe THANKS!!
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