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  1. Wanted to try doll clothes beyond a hat and scarf this weekend. This will be my step-daughter's Valentine's present. Made everything myself from the hat to the slippers.
  2. It was super easy - just made a really long rectangle, then reduced from both sides and made a button hole for the top flap. Then I folded it and seamed up the sides by sc with the eyelash yarn around. The button was just one round of the regular yarn, then a round of the eyelash yarn.
  3. I needed a project to give me a break from the huge basket weave afghan that I'm working on, so I made this for my step-daughter last week as a surprise. She was really excited when she got home from school!
  4. Finished both of these recently. This one I made for my brother while I was visiting at home over New Years. It's made with Red Heart Reflective - I thought the reflective yarn would be good for him as he goes to a large college and walks about a lot at night. Made this a few weekends ago for my husband, who didn't have a hat and doesn't have much hair either, so he needed one, it gets cold out! I love that I can decide we need something, grab some yarn out of my stash, and whip it up quickly!
  5. I made this for my step-daughter a few weeks ago - they are learning to play recorders in school and the music teacher required that they have something to store them in. She suggested an old sock or a large ziploc bag, but I think this is way better:
  6. Gift for an upcoming baby shower. Blanket: Blocks - These are soft stuffed and rattle as well:
  7. I made up this quick backpack in one evening. The pattern is adapted from the WIP bag from the book "Crochet One-Skein Wonders". Original pattern uses sock weight - I used some leftover Red Heart Super Saver. I did one round of the split stitch hdc in the pattern, decided that I hated it, and switched to just hdc. I did not do any of the picots on the top edge, and simply made long chains for the straps instead of shoelaces. I really like how it turned out. This one has been given to my stepdaughter, but I think that I may make one for myself in colors more suited to me.
  8. Thanks! I tend to crochet very tightly, but I think the doilies generally turn out looking pretty good, if sometimes a bit smaller than intended - though they usually block out to close to the published size, and doilies don't really have to meet gauge perfectly the way something wearable does.
  9. When I finish a doily, I pin it out into the shape that I want on a foam core board, then mist it with spray starch and let it dry before taking the pins out and removing it from the board.
  10. I finished all of these yesterday - was having a very stressful day and didn't sleep much. All are from the book 99 Little Doilies. These four are pretty small, about 4" in diameter each: This one is probably around 7":
  11. I hope that it is ok that I have been posting a lot of finished projects lately - I'm sick and stuck at home and have caught the major crochet bug! I really like the way that this particular variegated thread ended up working with this pattern. I wasn't sure that I would like it. If anyone is interested in working it themselves, the pattern is from: http://www.crochetpatty.com/patterns/thread/springflower.html My finished doily, which came in at 11 inches in diameter after blocking:
  12. I like this a lot - now thinking that I need to look for a crochet duffel I could make my step-daughter for her taekwondo things.
  13. Made this small bag for my step daughter as a Christmas present. It isn't lined, but she doesn't need to carry much, and I tend to crochet very tightly - something would need to be as small as a needle to slip out pretty much.
  14. No real pattern for these, just created off the top of my head. Going to be a present for my step-daughter for Christmas. They will match the new coat her grandmother got her very well.
  15. Made this for my step daughter. It was going to be a Christmas present, but we ended up giving it to her early. We just moved into our first house, and she was a big help, so we thought that she deserved something special. She loves it, and couldn't believe that I actually made it.
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