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  1. So I'm working on making a small purse. I have a few rectangle pieces that I will be sewing together with yarn and a yarn needle. The corners are curling a fair amount, so I want to make sure I block them all. My question is, is it better to... A) Sew all the pieces together, then block the entire thing B) Block all the pieces individually, then sew all the pieces together C) Pin the pieces together, block while pinned, and then sew pieces together. Also, if it makes a difference, I'm using Red Heart Value yarn. So the basic and cheap worsted weight yarn made of acrylic. Its a bit rou
  2. Okay, so do you mean like this? (Sorry its showing up on it's side, I don't know why it's doing that. It's rotated correctly on my computer but its not here. Whatever, you get the idea ) That does seem to look a little more even with the other pieces. So then, do I also stitch the top edges together?
  3. So I'm making this little sweater, fallowing the 18mo size in the pattern. I've got all the pieces crocheted for it. But now I'm confused about how I'm suppose to attach them all together, especially the hood piece. Here's what the pattern says; "Fold Hood in half along back seam edge and sew center back seam. Pin shaped edge of Hood to neck opening, beg at center of button or buttonhole bands and matching back seam of Hood to center back neck edge. Sew in Sleeves placing rows above markers along armhole edges of Fronts and Back to form square armholes. Sew side and sleeve seams. Sew buttons
  4. I've just finished making a baby blanket and I have no idea how to block it, or if i even should. Its made out of Lion Brand Homespun yarn and is basically a giant granny square. Which method should I use to block it? and if I could get directions on how to use said method that would be great too. thanks
  5. I want to make some crocheted items to sell but I dont want to break any laws... So im looking for patterns that arnt licensed, where it would be okay to sell the finished product. I would prefer patterns for smaller things like hats, bookmarks, ect. any ideas?
  6. I'm crocheting a scarf in double crochet, but along the edges the turning chains stick out and make the sides look bumpy and wavy. I'm only chaining 3 and going into the 4th from the hook like your suppose to in DC. And I've been counting my stitches each row and being careful to not increase or decrease. So what am I doing wrong and how can I fix this problem?
  7. I'm trying to learn how to make a V-stitch but I'm having problems. Each row is somehow getting longer and the gaps in each row get smaller. The work also is curling up a lot and becoming a circle. I don't know what I'm doing wrong does anyone have any advice or perhaps know were I can find a better tutorial? The one's i've been using don't seem to be working for me. I'm very new and I'm only just starting to learn how to crochet, so please try to keep it simple for me. thanks
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