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    Mushroom is my "real" legal name.
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    Non ordinary things with no patterns
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  1. I own a lot of hats, over a hundred. Many are knitted or crocheted. People often ask me if I crocheted the one I am wearing when they see me. I always told them no. Finally, I crocheted a red beret for myself. About a month ago, I brought out my South African hand spun blue wool skein and crocheted myself another beret. I wanted it done before my 63rd birthday, which is today.
  2. I have well over a hundred hats. Some are crocheted. People that know that I crochet will ask me if I crocheted the hat that I am wearing when they see me. The answer has always been: No. I finally decided to crochet my own hat. I recently moved to Long Beach, California. I like living back where I was raised. Mushroom.
  3. That is a terrific art piece. It can go under a glass top on a coffee table. Those who sit around it would be compelled to look at it with wonder and delight.
  4. Mushroom

    Shroom house

    My house doesn't look like that at all. But if it did, no one would have a problem finding it. Is the green door added over the top of the white? An Idea for you: get a photo of your little one and have it scanned onto some fabric. Make it small enough to fit in one of the windows. Then sew it into one of the windows. She will like it for sure. Kinkos can scan it, if you don't have your own software and printer. PS My name really is Mushroom
  5. Welcome to the village. There are a few of us with testosterone who enjoy the Zen nature of crocheting. Crocheting lends itself to such creativity. Welcome Mushroom
  6. I put a hat into the was and the colors ran. Bummer. How do I fix the color so that it doesn't run? Do I use vinegar? How much? Do I dilute it or use it right out of the bottle? How long do I leave it in the vinegar? I appreciate any help on this. Thanks Mushroom
  7. Have you considered crocheting bathing suits? I crocheted two identical bathing suits for a 4 year old and a 6 year old girls. The Theme was breakfast. Sunny side up eggs, hash browns and tied together with bacon. Check out my blog to see. Enjoy Mushroom http://http://bp1.blogger.com/_-JI5K3Y2wiY/R7krvNlmtKI/AAAAAAAAAVY/Bwo7-vYdjCo/s400/Breakfast+Bikini.jpg
  8. http://creative-mushroom.blogspot.com/
  9. Mushroom


    I suspect that you were doing your best when you created that lovely mushroom. When we do our best, we should not self deprecate. Accept the compliments. They are gifts to you for doing a good job. Be a blessing to yourself as well Mushroom
  10. Mushroom


    Season's Greetings I like it. Then, again, with a name like mine, I like mushroom things. I was in the passenger seat on our way to Eugene, Oregon from Kent, Washington (about 20 miles south of Seattle) last weekend. I crocheted a mushroom xmas ornament. When we arrived at our friend's house and presented the mushroom, their daughter gleefully shouted, the xmas ornament is here. They put a new ornament on the tree every year. And two days before xmas, they still had not acquired one. Then I magically bring it in. It will hang in their tree every year from now on. Now that is a Christmas blessing for sure. Your mushroom is significant enough to some, and maybe, it brings them delight and brightens their day. Be a blessing Mushroom
  11. I was going to finish my Moon Beams baby blanket on the plane on my way to South Korea when I realized that I'd lost my only crochet hook. When I went to my daughter's house in Deajeon, we went around town unable to find a large crochet hook anywhere in town. So tried going on line and I was thrilled to find this website. Ultimately I had to have my son, in Washington, send me a hook, via overnight mail. It made it, giving me just enough time to make it big enough for my new grandson. Then my daughter brought it with her so I could make it big enough for her. You can see it on my blog. Enjoy the creative process, Mushroom
  12. Welcome! Often times the best way to get into something that you enjoy is to just start something simple. then magic happens Mushroom
  13. THe Secret is a good movie that tries to explain what we attract into our lives. In a manner of speaking it discusses the effect that our daily "I am" has one how we feel about ourselves and our lives. Watch it. Mushroom
  14. Your attitude, what you are feeling while you are crocheting affects what you crochet. There is no superstition when it comes to infusing love into a piece of art intended for those we love. At the sub atomic level we are beings of energy. Look at the effects of our thoughts on the formation of ice crystals: http://www.life-enthusiast.com/twilight/research_emoto.htm When you get the chance read, The Secret Life of Plants. You will find that how we feel affects the plants around us. Rent the movie or get the book, The Secret. It shows you how much power our thoughts and feelings have. Anything that we create with intentional love will hold the energy of that love within it. Those to touch it will feel it. Try this experiment; Make something easy, like a scarf, for one of your grandchildren. Wash the yarn before your start. When you place the yarn in the water, ask the water to remove all negative energy from the yarn. This also works with smoke from sage, cedar and other plants. If you use smoke, ask the spirit of the plant to remove all negative influences from the yarn. As you start to crochet, state your intention, aloud that you will fill each stitch with love and affection for all who touch it. As you crochet imagine love, security, warmth being intertwined with each stitch. Imagine, in your mind's eye, your grandchild feeling so good, so safe, so loved, wearing your scarf. Try to "feel" those things within yourself as you crochet. When you finish, take it over to your child's house, unwrapped. Give it to your child or child-in-law and tell them that this is a gift for your grandchild and that you would like to have them give it to him/her. Watch their reaction once they hold it. Watch your grandchild. Before you start, ask your grandchild what her/his favorite color is. If you can, have your grandchild pick the yarn. That would be best. You might find that crocheting that scarf, or whatever you might be crocheting for your grandchild, puts you into a state of "bliss" while you are crocheting. Love and Peace Mushroom
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