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  1. it means to physically turn the whole thing over so you can work back in the direction you just came from think of it like reading a book, you read one side of a page and you turn it over and read the other side of the same page
  2. i am in with most people, it is as expensive as you allow it to be. if you want to make yourself a cashmere sweater, it isnt gunna be cheap. but if you are making small things with basic cotton or acrylic it is very reasonable. i also like to look at thrift stores for fancy sweaters (especially mens XL) then you can unravel a sweaters worth of wool or cashmere for usually less than 10 bucks. i also believe in hunting down sales, but not just yarn on everything in my life. if i can afford the time to wait everything goes on sale eventually. also yard sales, thrift stores, and getting the word o
  3. i remember roughly 7 years old from my grandma, according to my father it was more like 5 when she started teaching me. she taught me to knit first, then crochet. i didnt do a lot of knitting until the last 5 years or so, so although i knew knit/purl/yo i selftaught cables, lace, in the round etc etc. my other gransma taught me to quilt at about 8 (this is what happens when you are the last child of older parents and daycare = retired grandmas!) i love all of the crafts i was taught and have also picked up beading on my own aswell
  4. i do tunisian aswell and although i dont get pain in my shoulder i did find i got a wicked pain in my right hand where the extended part of the needle rested and it left a weird indent that took several hours to go away
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