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  1. all the pattern pics are on ravelry
  2. it means to physically turn the whole thing over so you can work back in the direction you just came from think of it like reading a book, you read one side of a page and you turn it over and read the other side of the same page
  3. now i cant wait to try the balls i got, i just havent figured out what to make with it as i have only 3 balls of each color
  4. wow youre a lot braver than me if i opened my bag and saw a huge spider i think the whole bag would have gone i nthe trash...ever time i touched he yarn i would feel "spider-y" and i cant take that. yuck
  5. wow what a steal..75$ holy moly. i always find people who dont knit and are liquidating the content of older ladies homes they just assume yarn is like dust bunnies...nothing anyone wants to take home. it is pretty good for my end of that i have gotten super high end wools and silks for a dollar and they thought i was crazy for paying that high
  6. i love love love that color it looks awesome on you and in the pattern.
  7. looks pretty good and i like the selfpatterning yarn it does look like fair isle
  8. check out this page, you will see a little video on the stitches so she can be sure which stitch they are doing and the name in english http://www.freepatterns.com/content/content.html?cat_id=2&type_id=S
  9. i can knit pretty much anything so let me know if you need some help testing
  10. oh i like your hexagon, i am currently trying to use that pattern to knit a cabled pattern one.
  11. well i dont know about the copywrites but there are obviously many patterns out there like this. i think most of them are pretty much made from necessity, like no one of us would spend 1200$ on a crochet purse because we can make it ourselves and the patterns are not even availible for purchase either. it is another thing to make and sell or even give away a pattern you made up from an object that the pattern is for sale. and either way i dont think it would be propriate to sell a pattern that was reverse engineered from an object for sale
  12. how sweet...a husband who hasnt met a stash hoarder lol. thats good that he recognizes it makes you happy and supports it.
  13. i am in with most people, it is as expensive as you allow it to be. if you want to make yourself a cashmere sweater, it isnt gunna be cheap. but if you are making small things with basic cotton or acrylic it is very reasonable. i also like to look at thrift stores for fancy sweaters (especially mens XL) then you can unravel a sweaters worth of wool or cashmere for usually less than 10 bucks. i also believe in hunting down sales, but not just yarn on everything in my life. if i can afford the time to wait everything goes on sale eventually. also yard sales, thrift stores, and getting the word out that you crochet are all good. i just got a big black trash bag from a lady at my hubbys work for free because her mom died. so you never know where it will come from, the more people you let know the more you make receive.
  14. hi! welcome from home! we have a weekly (monday evenings) knit/crochet group if ever you need any help feel free to message me for the location and you can come get help. hope you enjoy it here its great!
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