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  2. Amy was the darling of the show. I wore a tiara just because if you CAN'T wear a tiara to Stitches-when could you??? It got a lot of people willing to listen to CGOA information, and I think we did well in recruiting new members.
  3. I can't wait the week it will take to see it in person!
  4. Leah turns two on Mother's Day. She gets the Holland Designs Empire Cardigan. Very fun to make! Micah gets the Spring Training Hat. Can't wait to see it on him. This took less than 2 hours.
  5. Hi! Welcome from the West Coast also! I'm sure you are an intermediate crocheter if you are comfortable with pineapple patterns in thread. Enjoy!
  6. This was an enjoyable project! I used the Bijou Basin Ranch Lhasa Wilderness (yak and bamboo yarn) in Cadet blue.
  7. Welcome from a former Minnesnowtan in the SF Bay area! Enjoy the fellowship! :manyheart:manyheart
  8. Welcome from the Silicon Valley! Are you close to Susanville or closer to the Oregon border?
  9. :clap:clap:clap:clap:clap:clap It's so cute! Congratulations!
  10. I had seen this on FB from an Etsy seller. I asked to buy the pattern, but she would not sell it. I improvised this based on her store photo. For those not familiar: this is "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" from the book of the same name by Eric Carle.http://images4.ravelrycache.com/uploads/loricrochets/96320128/IMG_0002_medium2.JPG
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