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  1. Must rest. Parade to watch in 6.5 hours.

  2. I got really blessed at Half-Price Books!

  3. An Easter bunny cake!

  4. He is risen! He is risen, indeed! Alleluia !

  5. On northbound 680, I witnessed an apostasy before NASCAR. A yellow Mustang GT had a Dale Jr. licence plate frame.

  6. I trust @KRWKnitwear on Knitting & Crochet. Check out their profile on Sulia! http://sulia.com/source/643651/?source=invite

  7. No more hook-ey. I'm facing the music tomorrow...

  8. loricrochets

    Crochet Crown

  9. loricrochets

    Crochet Crown

    Amy was the darling of the show. I wore a tiara just because if you CAN'T wear a tiara to Stitches-when could you??? It got a lot of people willing to listen to CGOA information, and I think we did well in recruiting new members.
  10. loricrochets

    Crochet Crown

    I can't wait the week it will take to see it in person!
  11. loricrochets

    Welcome to the Suggestion Box!

    What happened to the Amazon link?
  12. loricrochets

    Crocheted Kelp Forest Shawl

    Absolutely beautiful!
  13. loricrochets

    For my grandkids

    It is SUPER fast! Have fun!