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  1. I think I found the woman on Etsy. It looks like the same exact patterns are for sale in that shop that were advertised on the website I originally used. I have sent her an email through Etsy so we'll see what happens. Shouldn't be a problem to get a refund if I need one as I used PayPal when I placed the original order. Thanks for all your help, guys! KJ
  2. Hi. I ordered the pattern for the stockings shown from the following link: http://www.momof5daughters.com/crochetstocking.html I haven't heard anything back and was wondering if anyone knew of any similar patterns? I haven't had any luck with my search and have never made socks so I don't feel confident that I can come up with something on my own. Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Thanks! KJ
  3. I really hope you guys can help! I recently made and gave away a scarf that had a super fun texture but can't for the life of me remember the stitch, I can't find again on line, and I didn't save the page as a pdf. The pattern is the same on both sides and looks like you crumpled up a piece of paper and then smoothed it out. I think it was something like 2DC, 1SC with a skipped stitch in there somewhere. I can't remember it the DC are done in the same stitch in the row below or in separate ones. The word "alternate" was in the title in some form (alternative? alternating?). Does this ring a
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