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  1. That is a beautiful blanket...and your grandchild is just gorgeous
  2. They have a dictionary on their site http://www.garnstudio.com/ordlister/ordlista-eng.html
  3. I managed to finish my babes poncho during my vacation. The pattern was a freebie at the Scandinavian Garnstudio site, and it is crochetted with thick cotton. It's even large enough to fit her next summer Here she is with mommo, when we went to Norway for a holiday. We really had a great time
  4. This was my contribution to the latest issue of Crochet Me. It was so fun to be accepted...so I'm actually thinking of designing something more mature to suit women, to send in for the winter issue Its a Pee Pee backpack and a Poo Poo coin purse, for my little babe. Very suitable for pottytraining kiddies
  5. That is so pretty...love it
  6. I came up with the 3 piece thingy when I crochetted my latest shawl. It can be worn as a shawl, skirt & scarf. You can see more pictures at my blog It is crochetted with mohair, and some silver yarn as well. It is my own design
  7. Soooo cute I'm sure she will love it
  8. Oh yes fiona, I can see that you are a gemini....just like me!!! too many projects going on at the same time, and plans/wishes to do even more I think that you should join up, you can make a little critter in one evening....and xmas is sooo far away
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