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    Christopher (am known as Mazzy as well as Dub too)
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    I'm a freelance makeup artist and I am a lover of vintage fashion, glitter, and fashion photography and fashion models. I am also a Blythe doll collector and am very inspired by the doll and not just crocheting for them, but photographing this bizarre doll that has such a following.
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    Underground dance parties, fashion, cosmetic artistry, acting, Blythe, and now crochet!!
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    Make-up Artist and Cosmetology Student
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    Have enjoyed creating hats for Blythe dolls, as well as making dishcloths/washcloths, which make a lovely gift on the spot for anyone.
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  1. Thanks ya all! I cannot wait to be a bit more experimental in making more stuff for Blythe that is fun and fashionable.
  2. I am a Blythe fanatic and enjoy making stuff for them. The purse was an added accessory I whipped up to top off a new felt skirt that a friend made and she added some needlework to the skirt. The rest of the clothes and accessories are stock clothing for Blythe as well as some vintage pieces. The Newsboy cap was created from a fun little pattern I bought off Etsy from a fellow Blythe doll fanatic (a niche and insane market we are!). Dress was made for Blythe from an Austrian seller on Etsy and eyeglasses are stock. Both crocheted items were made sitting in the window seat at a house way out in the Oregon Coastal range mountains a couple weeks ago, as I visited my mad hatter quilting best friend.
  3. Thanks so much! Now I know what it is really for, so wonderful!!
  4. It came in a kit, that someone I believe picked up for me at Michaels...you know the kits, they come with some doodads you need to build up a nice little notions and supply stash, and then this damn thing shows up. It's made by boye, haven't been able to locate it on the website nor the wrights.com info that is embossed on one side of it. No instructions came with it at all and I have looked online and on youtube with no luck. I believe it is a pom pom maker tool. How does it work? How do I use it? No idea here, so any ideas and help would so be appreciated! I don't want it to be the one thing in my house I have no use for! And of this has anything to do with making something to attach to a project, I gots ta know
  5. Would so appreciate the help! I have about 2 weeks and need to make a nice little collection of things for a newborn baby to be and a 1 year old, both are boys. Have lots of lovely soft yarns to use, but it is rainy here in Oregon and I have some time. Inspirational free ideas?
  6. I have a vintage myrtlewood hope chest filled to the brims, and boxed up too. Not to mention a project stashed here and there. Though I never believe I have enough!
  7. You always seem to be the voice of encouragement Tampa Doll when one worried they may have gone off the deep end in their crochet manias and desires for yarns!
  8. I find that hitting the charity shops are sometimes a goldmine for scoring vintage Red Heart and other yarns too. Have you had much luck at such places in finding decent priced vintage yarns to satisfy your craving for acquiring?
  9. My friends know that if they are trying to get me out of the house and I am a tad grumpy, that all they need to do is dangle a trip to a yarn shop in my face and my mood is instantly changed!
  10. Welcome to the 'Ville!
  11. This is delightful! One of the nicest I have seen yet! Thanks so much for the inspiration!
  12. I have a gaggle of girlfriends on the Hello Kitty obsession bandwagon, and what kind of crafty pal would I be if I didn't try and encourage it through crochet? I haven't had any luck finding stuff that isn't a hat. My friends are looking for things like coasters and placemats, oven mitts and the like. Does anyone know of a good resource for free Hello Kitty patterns? I'm sure there might be some books that have patterns in them from like Japan or what not, but if there were...I'd have to learn how to read the symbols as I have been told now that japanese symbols are quite different than used elsewhere. Anyone with any ideas would be more than welcome! I did see on my friends' Pintrest app she was using, some adorable Hello Kitty grannie style mini squares, but I don't feel confident enough yet to freeform and try something so lofty, even though I haven't been far away from a hook for over a year now. Any ideas would be most appreciated!!
  13. Foolish me went bananas at Joann, and didn't read the label completely because I snatched up whatever cotton yarn there I could find (sadly it seems they only have the Bernat Handcrafter cotton yarn there on seasonal!) so I got a bunch of Lily Sugar and Cream, but I bought several skeins of Lion Brand Cotton Ease, and just got home and noticed it was a 50/50 blend of cotton and acrylic...now I know acrylic isn't ideal to use to make hotpads or dishcloths, but can I use the 50/50 blend for dishcloths and oven mitts? Will the end results end up melting because it is a blend?
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