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    49 with grown boys and Hubby of 28 years now. Love crochet.
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  1. I have just made a beautiful blanket that is perfection in stitch count (a first for me). But I very sadly realized it is not rectangular because my beginning chain and possibly 10 stitches are too loose. Is there any fix to going back and tightening a beginning blanket? The ends are 4 to 6 inches off (can't remember exact measurement.) Or could the loose stitches/rows be removed and "finish off" the blanket so it looks good as new? I almost feel silly asking. Just sad and can't frog the entire thing - over 5 skeins. Historically, I have always started way too tight.....so this time, went too far the other way. If I put a backing on it, could I disguise the error? It is about 1.5 inches on each side at the wide end that would be turned under. Another person on Revelry put a gorgeous possibly thin fleece backing on their Blackberry Bobble Blanket. Thanks so much for your help. Here is a link to my project on Ravelry. Blanket http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Cheriblu/blackberry-salad-striped-baby-blanket
  2. Have you seen the new Gems yarn from Premiere Yarns/Deborah Norville? I LOVE it!! So soft and thin...look what I made: For all the photos, my blog post: http://cheriquitecontrary.blogspot.com/2011/06/colorful-washcloth-crochet.html I want to hoard this yarn in this particular color (Gems) and make tons of things. lol I just might. Cheri
  3. Cheriblu

    Peony Brooch

    I made this first as is, then added a jewel in the center. Could have worn as a brooch, but ended up making a floral stem crochet bouquet for my mother. Color differences due to photo editing and lighting.
  4. Very quick and easy.
  5. Very first project - before I understood stitch gauging!
  6. Taught myself to crochet end of January via You Tube videos. These were some of my first kitchen projects. The scalloped potholder was so fun to crochet. I made the multi-color towel topper first with the crocheted button, didn't love that, so made new ones with gray yarn and purchased buttons. Gift for a friend. She loved them. Washcloth has perfect stitch count. It is shaped oddly due to stitch gauging issues. ugh. Cheriblu on Ravelry. Cheri
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