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    I'm passionate about dog rescue and volunteer with a couple different rescue groups as a transport volunteer.
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    Seattle, WA
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    crafting, crocheting, dogs, needlework, sewing, beading, walking
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    scarves, afghans
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    20+ years
  1. It'd be great to "hook up" with crocheters in my area. Unfortunately, I work in Seattle and have a horrible schedule and commute during most of the weekdays. I could get together on most weekends, however - maybe once or twice a month? Shoot me a message if you are out there!
  2. You know... I thought I was using a P hook but it's actually a Q hook. Perhaps that is too big. The patterns calls for a P hook and to weave in the ends. I do have a P hook 11.5 mm. I'll have to start over and try that one, or even see how an N hook works. Dang... an expensive mistake, because this yarn is not cheap (unless one buys it on sale).
  3. Thanks for the tips. I am using a size P hook. When you ask me if I've been dropping one color and picking up the next, I thought that's what I'd been doing. But then when I weave in the ends, they don't seem to want to stay put very well. Then when the afghan stretches at all, it appears as though there is a danger of some place unraveling. The pattern through the Lion Brand website simply said "weave in ends." I haven't been knotting the ends together when I start a new color, but perhaps that would have been more secure. I will keep the idea in mind of the figure 8 sewing stitches. Seems like a lot more work, but at least it would be secure. Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to patch the part that has unraveled, but not quite sure what I'm doing. Thanks so much for your replies - I really appreciate the feedback.
  4. I started a large granny square afghan with Hometown USA yarn. I've been changing colors with each round. It makes a beautiful afghan, but I have one problem with it. In the middle of the afghan, there is a section that has unraveled. I've woven in the ends as I've gone along and have wondered if I might have this problem. Because it's such a buky yarn, it doesn't weave in very well. I didn't think it was going to hold very well, and it hasn't. So it's heartbreaking to get this far along with the project, only to have it unravel a few rounds back. This is my first time working with super bulky yarn, so I'm not sure if there's a different method for changing colors with it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I've been a crocheter for 20+ years but have never really taken the initiative to advance my skills. I've recently gotten back into crocheting after a hiatus. Quite literally, crocheting has really become meaningful in my life and has saved my sanity most days. Glad to be here!
  6. Thanks so much for the clarification on this. I thought I was losing my mind. I also could not get past round 1 on this pattern. I must have tried this at least ten times and each time it just did not look right. I think my mind was stuck on how a traditional granny square was started. Thank you so much, nicolep, for the picture and clarification!
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